Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


A few sadistic posters here wishing price to decline!
$168 sounds good :slight_smile:


Apple the big spender!


$796 ASP which is HUGE. It was $695 the same quarter last year.


Market summary > Apple Inc.
NASDAQ: AAPL - Feb 1, 5:24 PM EST
167.78USDPrice increase0.35 (0.21%)
After-hours: 172.00 Price increase 4.22 (2.52%)


Go Apple go, rah rah rah!


Huge quarter for the watch.


Who is buying watches these days??? OMG!!!


:slight_smile: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Market summary > Apple Inc.
NASDAQ: AAPL - Feb 1, 5:37 PM EST
167.78USDPrice increase0.35 (0.21%)
After-hours: 173.04 Price increase 5.26 (3.14%)



I took some at 165.75 and 167 today. Nice one for me!!


Congras. While you’re putting real money into the game, inconsiderate posters are dissing your investment.


Added some at $166.09


Aaaah, how do you know we aren’t just waiting for the bottom to buy in???


People! We lost the bet. We now have to endure hours and hours of @hanera preaching how he’s right and we were wrong. :smile:


What bet? Only bet is about FB and AMZN. About you selling AAPL? You are betting with Mr Market​:grinning: not me I did nothing about my AAPL holding like ages, except reminded by Apple when I receive the dividends. About my occasional rectification of your newbie opinion? I was being nice. Since you think I am annoying, I stop my invaluable advice :disappointed::face_with_monocle:


Now that I know you are so good looking you are much less annoying now. :smile:


When big brother warren buffet buys, he chooses best companies at lowest ebb to get in and holding for many years.

Even though he makes mistakes, but very rare on such occurrences.

No analysts can beat him. I consider those remarks ( aapl tanks) as BS when economy goes Strong. I have repeatedly bought aapl selling my MU, SWKS and PYPL stocks as clear Money for Aapl.

Even I made few speculative runs, after buying aapl at 95, by selling. Regretted selling them at 140 range, bought at 155, 165,167 and 177 ranges. Averages $170 range.

Now, no more selling just hold for long.


Exactly. Always has production cuts and reduce component orders after Q1 (Oct-Dec).


This is Apple at its best. A short movie shot on iPhoneX for the Chinese New Year. The director is very famous in China. Very good movie.


Typically Apple forecasts the tax rate to be 25-28%.
Next quarter, it says approximately 15%, more than 10% less tax i.e. extra earning of more than $6B which translate to more than $1.10 :star_struck: additive to eps, approximately 28% extra eps i.e. P/E (ttm) drops to 13.65, pretty near to what manch wanted, 1/(3 month T rate + 7.2).