Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Looks like you are not aware of Android Auto-play or iPhone car play sync with smart phone. Newer cars, like GM bolt, are enabled with this ! With Waze+android phone, you will see car’s bigger screen only.

No need to spend additional $1000 for car’s GPS.

What does this mean? The smart phone screens are extended to Car’s display when connected and all navigation you will see exactly in your car screen.

Home button, office button, and other favorites can be stored in Waze. Voice commands…etc whatever you have it GPS are available in Waze.

Additionally, Traffic sense/intelligence is built in.



The issue with car GPS Is they want to charge you $$$ to update it. Google maps on my phone updates for free. It get traffic info too. Cars spend 5 years in development then 5 years in production. Your car GPS is quite dated by the time you buy your car.


My current car is too old :slight_smile: not supported.
List of supported car models.


Car is not like AAPL stock, hold for ever ! Need to change to new technology !! :rofl:


And as soon as your visit to Las Vegas is complete with Google maps, google will send you an email “Did you ENJOY!! your trip to vegas”?

Times have changed, what happens is vegas no longer stays in vegas :smile:


I don’t even use GPS or phone while I’m driving. I just look at the map on my phone for a minute or so before I start driving and everything is imprinted in my brain.




My friends call me human GPS :slight_smile:


Psst, our Founder moved to the Fab 7x7…and he has kids and I remember distinctly he said it was due to some chinese immersion class. He will deny it, but actions always speak louder than words.


Yeah. One person out weighs the data that says SF has a smaller percentage of kids than any large city in America.


come on man, cities are not child friendly, mostly.


OMG, even I have posted that on here eons ago. Do you honestly believe I don’t know that? Sheesh. And let’s really think about it. Does it really matter as long as tech companies want to be here so that throngs of young single people want to be here so that the economy chugs along nicely regardless of the absence of children??? Sure, if people want to leave later when they have families, go for it. Again, as long as the employers are here with their bottomless pockets we are good…


Wall Street’s ‘dean of valuation’ says Apple is a ‘cash machine’

Wall Street’s “dean of valuation,” Aswath Damodaran, says Apple shares are trading at an attractive valuation.
"It is a cash machine. I never seen a company generate as much cash as Apple has over the last six or seven years.”

Warren Buffett Puts Apple’s Stock Near Breakout Territory

The Oracle of Omaha said in the interview that, "over the last year, [Berkshire Hathaway has] bought more Apple than anything else.”

In response, AAPL is almost ATH.



But, but, I am still saving up for an Iphone 8???



Not sure what is the difference from current way. There are at least one wellness center per Apple Campus.
Cupertino has 2, Apple Park and Infinite Loop
Austin has 1


Hi guys, I was using Samsung phone and thus Google Map for around 5 years. In August 2017, I came back to iPhone and started using Apple Map for first time. I’m surprised how well Apple Map is doing now. I suggest you give it another shot.

Apple map does have rerouting and real time traffic info. Looks like Apple get the traffic info from Waze. I compared Apple and Google map traffic info. They are basically the same. Like there can be multiple routes from point A to B, and both Apple & Google shows the routing time for the multiple routes.

Pro’s in favor of Apple:

  • Look and feel. Apple map is much cleaner than Google maps, IMO.

  • Faster. On my iPhone, Apple map is faster to get to Go button. Google map takes like 5-10 seconds longer.

  • Less confusing. I use both driving and walking quite a bit. In Apple map, I can quickly change the driving vs routing after entering destination. In Google map, I believe there are multiple way to do this. And it is super confusing. The way I figured out is, route first, end the route, then change routing between driving/walking.

  • Predicting where I want to go. Apple map is integrated with iCal, so it knows my next appointment. And even when events are not in iCal, it learns where I want to go. I believe it learns by days of the week. Another huge plus for iPhone and Mac iCal is the event notification with driving time. I don’t even need to do anything special, and Apple device will prompt me to leave.

Google map is very poor, at least 6 months ago. Google recommendation is not aware day of week and time of day. It can be 3pm on Saturday afternoon, and Google has Work location as suggestion. And in the morning, after dropping my kid off at school (just 5 minutes from home), Google will recommend home as destination.

Cons of Apple map:

  • Road closures. One time I was in Santa Cruz mountains and road was closed. Apple map didn’t know. And Apple won’t provide alternative route; I assume the detour is much longer. Google map had road closure data. And correctly routed the detour.

  • Night mode. In night mode, Apple map color is really bad. The road is gray on gray background. Hard to see. Google has like orange & gray road on gray background, but gray shades are easier to see.


I like waze, then Apple Maps, then only Google maps. Google maps, at times, goes mad and make us go round & round while Waze and Apple do not do that.