Holy Crap

Just posted on the local yahoo group. This is a problem cougar - likely the same one that snarfed several dogs already and tried to pounce through a living-room window to get someone’s cat while people were relaxing there. Even the local yocals who’ve been writing 'live and let live" poetry about this cat finally agree it needs to be shot. If this was AZ that would have happened a long time ago.

"Sadly, at 3:00 this morning a Mountain Lion killed our dog Lenore. This is a particularly dangerous animal because it came into our partially open bedroom door and grabbed the dog while XXXX and XXXX, who wanted to sleep with her mom last night, were sleeping in bed with the dog when the attack happened.

We called the sheriff and a report was taken. Be careful."

  • Near native son’s road, Kings Mtn.

That’s crazy.

Full story, picked up by the Merc -

I thought you guys are heavily armed? What gives?

yes i am, but i’m not a good shooter over 10ft hahaha

Are you kidding? Heavily armed 30 years ago; some of us; just the heavily stoned and some yuppies left. The heavily armed went to AZ and elsewhere.
Not that I’m worried. I don’t leave doors or windows open at night and don’t have dogs, cats, or kids. Just snakes. Caged (most of the time). BTW - folks on the Yahoo group are back defending the mountain lion. They don’t seem to realize that people only co-exist with the things today because our forefathers shot all the ones that weren’t wary of humans and their stuff. Natural selection plus the mother’s influence on the cubs. Without what evolutionary biologists call “stabilizing selection” things revert back to the way they used to be.

Sidebar: why Arizona but not Utah?

Not sure but I think it’s easier to pick the climate you like in AZ.