Home buyers and sellers can drive one another up the wall

When Catherine and her husband, Spiro, received a text message that potential buyers for their Herndon, Va., home wanted to stop by on a rainy Friday in May, the couple gladly accepted the time frame, even though it meant that Spiro had to make a two-hour conference call using a hot spot in his car rather than from his home office.

Catherine, who was dog-sitting for her daughter that day, had to keep the pet out of the house.

“We figured it was worth it, because only a fairly serious buyer would come out on a rainy morning,” Catherine says.

Unfortunately, the buyers never showed, a fairly common occurrence for frustrated sellers. Worse, the buyers’ agent never contacted the Alifrangises to apologize. Instead, she rescheduled for the following day and then again failed to show.

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Ah, a perfect example why for some folks they go the pocket/private listing route where real serious buyers work. Come on, how many people at open houses are REAL buyers??? A fraction, at best. Too many looky lous and nosey neighbors and quite frankly dreamers. Like you stock investors out there, isn’t it preached to you to have a target price in mind and if the market hits that target price you sell right? Why can’t homes be the same? If someone offered you what you wanted in a quick close scenario why wouldn’t you take it? Less headaches and you can move on with your lives. Yes, stocks can be rebought easily later at lower prices, which may not happen with homes here especially, but I think the strategy is sound for some people especially retirees. No one wants to leave money on the table of course, but not everyone is concerned with top dollar. And I say that with actual experience.

I have recently set up alerts on Zillow to compare with my usual Redfin diet. So far I haven’t caught anything that’s on Zillow but not on MLS thus not on Redfin.

I have this theory that realtors who want to double dip will put listing in Zillow but not on MLS, or mark it as upcoming on MLS. So far I have seen only one listing did that, the one on oakdale in SF.

This goes both directions. We waited more than 30 minutes for an occupant to come show us a short sale that they clearly didn’t want to sell (eventually did though).

Even I had set up alerts to compare. but nothing was caught too

Make me moves are like that.

Uh, I did the Make Me Move route in “advertising” my Oakland exchange situation and from all accounts it worked out fine. I had agents hunting for offline private properties where the seller is willing to work with me on an exhange. The lucky agent who found my home ended up getting the Oakland listing as I advertised and he also finished up the end deal. Hard working agent got paid. Period.