Home Depot to hire 80k

If Home Depot is right, we’ll have a nationwide housing boom. HD is hiring 40 new people for each store.

And yet when we go there, we still won’t be able to find someone to help us…


80k is 20% of their workforce…that huge…Why don’t they have an app like a store locator, where all the items locations would be shown by aisle number…Hard to find anything in their stores…


HD does have a good app, it tells you exactly where you can find stuff. My challenge is I do not know the precise names or sometimes not sure what to buy

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Maybe, HD would be perfect for those mobile robots who can assist us with finding stuff.


Well, I have been there one too many times, at least I know where to go, like wood? To the lumber department!

But, you get these people really killing me. I was at the desk of the painting department, and this lady comes and asks where is the painting department? Really!

Anyway, good to know jobs will be created.

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No profit in it. Robots cost money. If it takes you an hour to find what you need, that’s your time - not theirs. Who knows, you might even pick up some crap you don’t really need while looking for what you do. That’s why supermarkets re-arrange everything periodically.
Good news for the economy though. And they’ll hire more like 90,000. 80,000, and then 10,000 more to replace the ones with an IQ above 60 that the contractors steal away with a better offer.