Homebuyers Brace for Pain in a Post-Pandemic Market

Homebuyers Brace for Pain in a Post-Pandemic Market

As coronavirus vaccines approach a widespread rollout, the next six months of economic activity are going to be dominated by the impact of society’s growing immunity — and easing fears. Combined with historically low levels of housing inventory, that could make the traditional spring homebuying season a particularly frustrating one for buyers.

I have given up buying rentals pre-Covid. Rental investment is a long term affairs, with such low yield, long term return is not good. Capital appreciation is good but entice high property tax. Holding and thinking.

We are entering the golden roaring 20s. Any investment, be it stocks or real estate, will soar like an eagle.



For some reason at first glance I thought that was a duck icon and wondered why you put it there … soar like a duck?


A lot of sales in our neighborhood right now. Maybe buyers out here are bracing for having too many choices…