Homeless, Needles, and Feces Problem Solved

So strong that it’s been studied as a chemical weapon, the drug has saturated American streets with breathtaking speed: It kills more people than any other opioid, including prescription pills and heroin, because it’s so easy to overdose.

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Chinese hidden warfare against the US. More effect than Russian internet attacks on elections on FB

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Wait… I thought that was supposed to be helpful… :rofl:

If you are a Trump fan then it was helpful… same for Chinese drug pushing gangsters… even they didn’t know they are helpful…lol

Beats stock investments

When Gibbons and Metcalf went undercover, they bought a kilogram from China for $3,800, which, when turned into tablet form, could fetch on the street up to $30 million. Compare that with a kilo of heroin, which wholesales for about $50,000 in Gulfport and generates a profit of just $200,000.

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:scream: buy buy buy!!!