Honey, Is That Durian I Smell?

Wow, all this for 2k a month too…

I call fake news.

I honestly believe units like this exist. Come on, I have heard from prospective tenants tell me horror stories about places they went to before seeing my place. I had two adult parents literally begging me to give their daughter my nice unit (I did).

Units like that DO exist. I know of one. But there’s a curtain in front of the toilet, and about 5’ to the sink. And yes, the toilet has a lid.

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Ohhh, the deluxe unit…that one must require a higher HOA

That lid would be worth $500/month of the rent.

Looking at the pics, perhaps walling off the toilet separately by the window? I think doable, no?

Great comment from that article…

$2,000 a month to shit where you eat?

Who cares!
Better than sleeping in the bathtub. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No tub, shower only…:grin:

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No kidding. An ad in Craiglist many years ago (in Spanish).

For rent, livingroom for x persons, limited number. Half the price for the bathtub.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not kidding you!

I slept, well, allow me to say I am straight, OK?:kissing_heart:…So, I slept with 9 other men in a 2 bed apartment. :kissing_heart:

Put a table over the toilet. Then the space (and time) can be highly maximized and utilized. Sit on the toilet to do work and eat! :tired_face:

Come on now @jk88cal, wouldn’t it be even more efficient if you just sat on the toilet (ready to go #1 or #2) and just work from there, sitting using a laptop on a portable table? Have a bidet handy even and you can even forego wiping as you feverishly type away to get that much closer to that next home buy. You would only get up to get your food (to take back to the table) and (I am not a tyrant) for two 15 minute breaks during a min 8 hr work day. Man, imagine how much you could get done???:grin:

I’m sure the kitchen is either being used as studio OR the shower/toilet are only used during the am rush/emergencies! I was thinking of putting in a half bath off the kitchen myself (to a 3/1) for this purpose-- the toilet would be walled off. I’ve lived in a variety of rentals and one of them had the washer/dryer in the bathtub, so that I had to pull the shower head beside the toilet to wash. That was not preferred, but you learn to live with imperfections. And it was more like $200 instead of $2000 (way back when).

From a post on the original blog: Page not found

lol, there will never be another Kramer…

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My $.02. Depending on where exactly your half ba would be (respective to the actual kitchen and everything else) just be careful that it is a good spot. I have seen a nice remodeled home in SV where the owner put a half bath pretty much in between the the open kitchen and family area. While I suppose on a day to day usage level it works for the immediate family honestly when I was there at a dinner party it felt uncomfortable to use a bathroom in the presence of so many people hanging out right outside your door. Let’s just say, you don’t want to make too many noises in there. At least put it around a corner even, so visually you do not see it (an open bathroom) when someone comes out. Kind of like this crazy ass open toilet in the room. Imagine if you could wall it off hypothetically and in a larger open space. You may be ok with it but it may be too close for comfort for your guests. I prefer to take a walk away from everything/everyone anyway to use the toilet. And the close proximity to food is just not appealing (for a toilet).

For people who prefer bathtub to shower, NYC got you covered:

All for less than 2K.


Despite the tub that is in your face, pricing is decent quite frankly. Inlaws here without a kitchen are over 1k…

When people are desperate for a place to live in, believe me, those are little things.

I know a friend or mine, he has a bathroom next to the kitchen. In order to cover the “sounds” of you in the bathroom, once you open the door, it activates a radio. LOL

Oh, he has the basic unit. Mine lights a match when the sound/smell detector goes off in the bathroom…