Hopefully Not One Of Us


The husband’s name is Fred Zhu. That doesn’t sound like “Manch”…


Anything remotely related to Bayview, an Asian person and real estate is Manch’s until he denies it…:grinning:


Also, this person is a landlord; I don’t think he personally lives in Bayview. But manch is a home owner in SF not a landlord.


What I don’t understand, and I am going to be blunt here, it is that on this forum, I’ve caught personality-ies being some kind of racist or using his ignorance on the subject to call out the “Latinos” and some started to poke fun at their own nationals being named words I never heard of but that are inclusive to their own race or nationality, and I’ve seen that in many topics. That’s how misconceptions, discrimination starts.
I am a Latino-Hispanic, so, I caught somebody and by his/her writing, I can assume s/he is not a born American but an immigrant. And that’s the kind of attitude that pisses me off. An immigrant discriminating another immigrant.

We are all humans, right, but we shouldn’t be identifying others as bad when we may fit that profile in some other way, shape or form.

My apologies for the rant.


Now, keep in mind my postings of this nature is really primarily directed at landlords behaving poorly (not focusing on skin color, but of course I was not pleased nevertheless…)


In my opinion, as in any profession, activity, whatever, one landlord is enough to rot the barrel. In my life as a renter, never had any “crook” landlord. Most were pleasant, amicable, they took care of my needs. But when we were renting for a place managed by a company, we saw the other side of the coin. They nickel and dimed everything.

I then learn the famous “fine print” needs to be read.




SF created the rental shortage and now they will throw 20 people on the street and brag how they took down a slumlord


After the Ghost Ship tragedy, jurisdictions had to show that they doing the right thing. Well, doing the right thing also means not wasting time on stupid legislation that doesn’t impact the average Joe either. Be bold I say and think/act outside the box for once. You might surprise yourself…


South Lake Tahoe has yearly inspections of all mutli family buildings , maybe SF needs to the same…Charges a business license fee too…Of course this program adds no new housing suppy…And may actually reduce supply, since some units won’t pass…


SF does do property inspections but not every year (at least from what I know and get notification of since our family owns a 3 unit in Chinatown). My friend in the know says earthquake retrofitting is coming to under 4-5 units so that is going to have to be addressed hopefully when we do the complete building remodel.


Soft story is now required. Hope you do not have that problem

I have a water pipe leaking at the water meter now, may have to dig and replace the pipe from the meter to the house. Too much headache with the old house, I wish I had a newer house


The issue is not due to old house or old pipe. Pipe is buried under ground and strongly fit. If I guess right, this is due to seismic activity, earth shakes little harder making the pipe to crack.

I have 12 year old home and four years before it happened to me that water leak happened between Street water meter and my house. One experienced plumber deducted and explained the issue, it took me $400 to fix the issue.


Did he dig the dirt and replace the pipe? My pipe is really old galvanized pipe. If you have newer copper pipe, it’s supposed to last a long time. But you can’t prevent the earth from moving


It was 15 feet between street and home connection under the lawn. Based on his experience, he guessed a spot where likely seismic move hits hard. He found the issue 2-3 feet below, cut the pipe and fixed with new.

If you have newer copper pipe, it’s supposed to last a long time.

Our pipe was plastic (not copper). He was asking $2000 to remove plastic and fix with copper pipe and he said copper pipe will stay longer. We did not opt for it.

However, seismic move may be stronger even shaking entire home in bay area, no matter whether it is plastic or copper or concrete, it is bound to break at weaker place.


$2000 for 15 ft of copper pipe? I guess digging 15 ft by 2-3 ft depth is a lot of work. Someone should invent a machine to push copper pipe underground to avoid digging

Plumbing technology can use some innovation. I like to buy a robotic plumber


Not gonna happen anytime soon. That’s why I have the thread on teaching lil Johnny a trade or two… Yes, not glamorous but moola is moola…



Why couldn’t she just Ellis acted those tenants and sell the house…


Because you cats told me to buy and hold!!!


A much poorer Anne Kihagi