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Condo conversion


Condo conversion is forbidden for Ellis’ed property. Also SF has a 10 year pause for any condo conversions for 4 plex.

You can Ellis your 4plex and adopt 8 kids, one unit for each 2 adopted kids :joy: But have a documents making sure no kids can claim to be your tenant


Ok, good one, @BAGB, then I don’t know what to do in a scenario like that. Too many units. I guess buying out the tenants is the only other thing one can try.


Or sell it cheaply to a developer who is well connected to the stupidvisors, demolate the building and build 20 condos with 6 BMR.

Government takes away your property rights and then seek corruptive benefit from your property rights


No, one must try to swing it somehow. I just bought out a tenant for 10K. It was mutually agreed upon. Keep the government out of our sheet and deals, please…


Twitter member Mike Abraha tweeted last week that he had already ordered an X. “I had to borrow money from my 401(k) though,” he added.

Wow, at least the Kool-Aid is not watered down…


Can’t be me, Fremont is far enough…


It’s not always done in anger.

We’ve raised a generation of people who feel entitled to such compensation.

It’s only “fair” you know? :sob:

They’ve been told that for so long, that it is what they’ve come to believe without question. Those who have should pay those who do not. Government as Robinhood.

I’m surrounded by that mentality frequently. They outnumber people with critical thinking skills about 10 to one in the Bay Area.


‘If You Are Not a Liberal When You Are Young, You Have No Heart, and If You Are Not a Conservative When Old, You Have No Brain’



Maybe he was just confirming the water pressure of the shower…yeah, yeah that’s the ticket