Hoping this is True Story ! Bitcoin Era!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/financialindependence/comments/6e4le3/i_am_32_years_old_i_made_it_now_what/

That’s part of being a bubble. Everyday we will see some strangers making a killing in Bitcoin and the temptation will keep increasing. “What if I just buy in now and cash out with 50% gain in a month or two?”

It can be lucky to become rich, but it is ten times as hard to stay rich. You need a solid foundation and a good understanding of wealth management. Otherwise your wealth can quickly become squandered.


Why is this person even asking a question about what to do next? Seems idiotic.

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Not all people know what to do with lots of money. That’s why a good number of people ended up broke again after striking it rich.


I think I can understand that there are actually people who don’t love money or the life it can bring. “1bitcoineater” likened it to having lots of food and water -I’m sure that would make some people here very happy :slight_smile: I bet it is a weird feeling to have $10 million without putting in the work to earn it, like playing a game and being rewarded a set of wings to fly. Not everyone would know how or even dare to use that gift.

First thing first. Divorce current wife and get a trophy wife.

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You do that and your net worth drops 50% instantly.


Not if you had the foresight to write a prenup :slight_smile:

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You learn well. However, you have yet to learn from Elon Musk. Elon Musk made Justine Musk signed a postnup :slight_smile: Did Sergey Brin lose 50%?

Justine Musk never signed a prenup. That’s why they went to court. Justine wanted 50% of Tesla.

However, Justine’s lawyers lost.

Community property applies after marriage, so postnup is more important than prenup. Prenup is for child support :slight_smile: She got plenty for that. 50% of TSLA, she can dream on.

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Ok, bitcoins are about to take off (pun intended)…

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I can only hope this is not knowledge gained from first hand experience.

Err, the food served in these establishments are top notch…

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And of course you made sure to be on Facebook, nose buried in your phone, talking to your friends the entire time you were there so you didn’t see anything inappropriate.

Not only see, also need to touch… :rofl: