Horizontal crack on exterior wall near foundation

I have noticed horizontal crack on exterior wall near foundation at my primary home.
We have crawl space and exterior wall is stucco wall.
Our foundation was inspected by structural engineer last fall (due to sticking side door) and he found no issue in our foundation at that time (floor level was even from corner to corner, no crack in foundation etc). However, at that time, we didn’t notice horizontal crack on exterior wall (not sure when it happened though). Hence, we didn’t ask him to look at it.

By looking at exterior wall, it seems to bow outward.
I did a quick search on horizontal crack near foundation and most of the information is on “foundation bowing inward”.
Our case is the opposite.
Can “foundation bowing outward” happen due to the same issue like soil drainage issue?

Anyone has any clue on the cause?
I guess I should set up the appointment with the foundation company again but want to be more informed about the possible cause.
Should I call other professional instead of foundation company (they sent structural engineer last time but he seems to be specialized in foundation issues.)?

Monitor it. Measure any movement. Wait and see what happens. Does not sound critical.
Make sure your drainage is working properly

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Try a foundation contractor.
I have my structure engr friend who is licensed in 13 states coming taking a look at similar symptom with cracks. He drew bending moment diagram and started estimating shears and stresses like he did on the Bart Station structure. But this is a 92 year old Craftsman home sitting on concrete block in a liquefaction zone. I asked how one can overcame the buckling he waived his arms and said put rebar or something like that. I got hold a contractor and for $200 he crawled inside and said not worth worrying for now.

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