Hot Stocks for Blockchain


My holding period is shorter than one quarter. There’s no chance for the revenue to have an impact on my speculation. Only human emotions affect KODK now.

Valuation is 10% of the revenue. You don’t need revenue growth for price rise in this case.


A crypto has two components, the coin and the blockchain transactional network.
IMHO, the coin is worthless, but the blockchain transactional network could one day be adopted by banks and for e-commerce. So for long term investment, one should look at whose has a promising network, that one is the AMZN that would rise from the ash after the crash.

Any crypto has a better network than Ripple?


Why AMZN though?


Ain’t AMZN the only dotcom era company around?
AAPL is not a dotcom era company, if that is what you’re thinking.
GOOG and FB are post-dotcom.


Yes you are right… :wink:


I see you wrote off eBay and PayPal… they are also proud survivors of dotcom.


Netflix is also a dotcom survivor. Tech is a mini crypto, comparing with traditional industry.

I think the reason Amazon wins is because Amazon is doing traditional business of retail with better efficiency. Nothing compares with time tested business model.


eBay used to be bigger than Amzn. The difference is that Amzn has Bezos and eBay had Meg Whitman the loser. This lady had no vision.

Moral: Invest in the person not the company.


Seattle looks far ahead. BA is near sighted. Too many new opportunities and too much distraction.


Whitman was not a founder. There are things only founders can do, especially for young companies.


Ok then substitute “meg” with “Pierre”. Statement is still true.


KODK trading volume 60M with a 22M float and 42M outstanding. Wonder what percentage of old owners have sold.


Yes. Pierre sucks.


KODK is now 9.25 after hours. I’ll stop checking for today


are they shortable? I tried to short RIOT but no shares were available.


Ah they have puts. will try tomorrow.


KODK is shortable, but I would recommend long for now


i will wait for 1 week then will buy puts.

Check riot. long island tea company will follow the same path. kodak will too.


Riot had 2 up waves. Were there 2 separate big news in November and December?

KODK could have stronger move since it’s a household name and billions dollar revenue. It’s only the first day, I don’t have a price target, but 35 is a possibility this week


LFIN has a market cap of 2.7B. Can Kodak reach the same market cap? That would mean 10X rise