Housing Bubbles are Real, and They are Spectacular

… in other countries

Our neighbors to the north are partying hard.


Why is Britain having a housing bubble? Canada, Australia and New Zealand can all be explained by China’s rich immigrants

can you post a link to where you found the chart?


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Britain’s market attracts plenty of overseas money, especially Russian and middle eastern oil money…It is the financial capitol of Europe

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It was, before Brexit. Now they shot themselves in the foot.

Then who has or could become the financial capital of Europe? I thought Brexit impact is minimal

Frankfurt and Dublin.

London is still the economic capitol of Europe…plus Russians and people from the middle east feel safe there…There will always be an England…the English never think of themselves as Europeans. .Just like Texans are texans first, not Americans…London is the capitol of Europe, just like Miami is the capitol of South America…