Housing crash coming due to the new law?

I think indian families are similar, but they tend to get a room in their sons/daughters house, and take care of the child.

sfdragonboy: Pulling permits is a good idea, but be careful to make it look more like you’re adding a bar than a kitchen. In SM county, the illegal unit will get you red flagged if you’re not careful. But I agree that it’s better for liability purposes and easier to legalize later.

elt1: Great point–better to solve a problem than protest the problem.

tomato: You can put inlaw units into a lot of lots in RWC/MP. People do in fact do that–sometimes added over garages, sometimes added at the back of lots. It all depends on the layout of the first house within the lot. For some MP residents, that inlaw unit might be good for a college student–even their own kids in college-Stanford.

But also, as people grow older and stay in their house due to prop 13, they might be able to section off parts of a 4BR to make a second unit. Tricky but an be done.

Most of MP is wealthy enough that i don’t know if they’d care - that’s what i was saying. otherwise MP and Atherton has the best size for the lots.

Atherton inlaw units are called “poolhouses” :slight_smile:

MP residents range from young and wealthy to old and blue collar. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people on all ends happy to rent out to a quiet young professional.

In MV, you can if your lot is over quarter acre. They were allowing this even 20 years ago when we inquired. At that time, it had to be under 500 sq ft.

Please find me a lot that’s 0.25acre+.

The only placeswith that lot size is around sleeper ave.

When we were doing addition to our house in Santa Clara County almost 20 years ago, I had two friends who were building new houses in San Mateo County and they told me San Mateo County has one of the toughest building codes then.

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I don’t want to give out our area on public format. But, not Sleeper. Closer to Los Altos.

Yes, hollingsworth and area around el monte is also on the larger end.

Also now that your property records are already public. So the only thing that’s preventing me finding your address is your name :slight_smile:

I looked at this house when it was built by an architect. He lived here for 1 year and put it on the market. This one has a companion unit that is very cool. It is on more than quarter acre.https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/19529505_zpid/37.378448,-122.08658,37.377259,-122.091467_rect/17_zm/

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one day i will find a nice place like this.
Or Elt1 wil lsay buy in east coast then move up.

I looked at this back in 2013 and I noticed it back in 2008 when I looked at 1340 Brookdale. In 2013, it was showing significant wear and tear somewhere. I just can’t recall the specifics. It didn’t wow me with the way it presented from the street.

The realtor was trying to get us to purchase this house when it was put on market in 2013 at 2 mil. In retrospect, we should have sold our Svl rental and bought this one even if it was a stretch for us. I thought when we looked at this in 2013, it was immaculate because the architect was a single guy and did not see any wear. This has gone up more than double in 3 years.

Tell me about it!

We were looking at a house for sale in Unincorporated Redwood City. Just people calling to find out if the conversion of the garage to a rental had been permitted got it red-flagged even though no one was living there.

Will there be a crash, yes or no? :smiley:

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Not in RBA.

Read the article… the headline grabs you…just like the fake news media does… no crash likely

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No crash? OK…keep going people! :smiley:

Otherwise your are of the likes of those dumb Texans believing Obama would take over their state during the Jade Helm exercise. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Crash must be near, we are getting close to closing on a house - not under contract, but likely.

Prepare your wallets, liquidate your positions.