Housing Crash Q4 2021

Follow the Math :wink:

One more thing, inflation is coming.

EWT gone crazy?


No EWT. Pure maths which you like! He using data! Fundamentals! Is your cup of tea. Didn’t watch and comment right? You are pooh pooh your own beliefs.

So in addition to saying we will have a century top in stocks coming in June, you now are also predicting a housing crash in Q4?

I am not that smart. What do you think about the video? You claim to be you are very good at maths and believe in analyzing raw data. Now you have doubt in yourself?

Btw, whatever happen I win :slight_smile: :rocket: price appreciation - my worth of RE portfolio :rocket: RE crash, property tax drops, rental yield :rocket: and I can buy more SFH rentals cheap :slight_smile: Roll with the punches!

I am not a myopic and pessimistic person like you :slight_smile: Today is bad, tomorrow is worse, after that is sunshine :slight_smile: Yay! Sunshine.