Housing crisis tops California legislative agenda this year

Housing bills introduced this year fall into four key types, legislative staffers said.

  1. Increased funding for affordable housing
  2. Streamlined approvals for homebuilding projects
  3. Stepped-up enforcement of housing laws
  4. Resident protection laws

“According to the state Housing and Community Development Department, California needed 180,000 new homes each year over the past decade but built on average just 80,000 a year.”

Notice how reducing the $150k per unit of fees and permits isn’t on the agenda? They’ll blame veryine but themselves. Do they not realize their fees are enough money eye to build a whole house in most of the country? Those fees are why more housing isn’t built.

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The fees are outrageously high, but they are not only the culprit. .It is zoning, nimbyism, environmental impact reports, the EPA, anti capitalists, rent control advocates, traffic issues and a host of policies inacted by one party government liberal rules over the last 50 years…

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Apparently the big reason for the high fees is the cities use building and planning as a profit center…In San Mateo County the average builidng department worker costs $150k each…In oakland one plan check engineer makes almost $500k/y…
Cities care more about their employees and profits than the housing shortage. …

Oakland planning worker quadrupled pay with overtime
May 1, 2017 Updated: May 1, 2017 8:59pm


No cities want to build housing because of Prop 13. Pols pay lip service to sooth the voters. But when they sit down to do the numbers building housing is a loser’s deal. It’s more profitable for cities to have a bunch of auto repair shops than building condos.

We need the state to put some laws on the book to force cities to build.

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New housing is a boom though. There’s all the fees to approve the housing. Plus, property taxes start out at market prices of the home. Do they really think about decades from now when revenues won’t keep up with expenses? What’s the average tenure on local city councils? I’d think they’d want the extra revenue today and let someone else deal with the fallout later.

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