Housing demand stronger in January, says Redfin CEO

Long term appreciation of house in SFBA is 6-8% p.a., we are back to this rate right?
It feels slow when compare to the double digits climb since 2009-2011 (depends on zip code) bottom. In Cupertino, the big bull run started with FB IPO in 2012.
The million dollar question is whether the driver for SFBA RE is still there? The supply side is limited because of regulations and NIMBYism. What about the demand side? Net population flow in California is now negative. Is net flow in SFBA negative?
From a landlord’s perspective, rent is firmer than 1.5 years ago.

Population is still growing in CA and the BA. Some long term BA residents like me are leaving but immigrants keep coming.
The BA won’t have a housing price crash unless unemployment goes towards 10%. Like in 2002. But that was a minor 20% correction.
The 2006-9 crash was caused by government stupidity. A unique crash.

Population still growing at about about 0.6%
But 1million net a year are moving to other states. Replaced by births and immigrants to show positive growth.



Funny to read you, because some elements of this forum are on another topic saying that what you say is a lie. :laughing::sweat_smile: