How About This One In Union City?

Asking 449K…

I think that part of Union City is a bit rough, and probably price just like Hayward. Maybe you can rent for lower 2K?

Houses near Alverardo & Dyer might be more desirable. And you can probably rent close to 3K? My sis-in-law is rent theirs 3/2 1100 sqft for $2600 i think.

There’s SFHs in the 500-600K range in Newark too. Remember, we are trying to stick to the buy low sell high strategy…

Can also buy high sell higher :grin:

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Well, if it is too high, how much higher can it go? Let’s not mention the higher property tax bill too. We personally don’t want to overextend ourselves (use up all our cash reserves) to the point that then our own personal lifestyles are crimped. Not worth it to us. We enjoy eating out all the time and taking vacations whenever we want to even with all of the extra responsibilities. And as you know, we don’t have kids, so no point to really risk everything over what, the potential to make more? Nope, not prudent.

Zillow says it can rent for 2.2K. Which part of UC is more desirable? The part closer to the hills and BART station? Or the part close to the Bay like @myo suggested?

I get it it may not be as good currently or prior as @myo indicated but surely being close to BART now and future is a good reason to buy in this area. It can only get better, no? Pretty cheap entry price…