How About This Way To Buy Real Estate?

I guess the twist is they will contribute up to half the down payment (there is no interest charged on that contribution) but they share in the future appreciation of the property. You can buy them out too.

35% equity for basically a 10% second loan…Pretty expensive for the buyer…

But if someone doesn’t have the full down, but wants in, what can you do? In that time needed to raise the additional or other half of the down, that person could in theory have already lost out in some sizable appreciation (perhaps not as much as what you have to fork over to Unison).

There’s a 1% loan you contribute to the buying experience, they pay closing costs but the equity has to be shared, how much? I don’t know.

Listen to KGO radio, you hear it every day.

On the flip side, if they go half, doesn’t that alleviate half the risk too? Not all properties go up like ours of course…:grin:

Saw this too this morning on crowdfunding…

What if the value goes down?..What if the buyer defaults or lets the property fall apart?

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