How Bay Area people Gets money, why real estate is spiking!

There were many do not believe how people are getting crazy money. Here is the example how one person was bragging about his wind fall. This is true one as Intel took that company by Aug 8/9th !

There are 1000s of stories like this when IPO goes live (UBER soon) !

[Contents Slightly edited keeping original core statements]

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Don’t understand his question.
If he figured tax and finance of $5M+$5M already, what kind of advice is he looking for?
Maybe, he doesn’t seek for any advice.
Just to want to brag to someone. :slight_smile:

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He can’t tell anyone he knows. Oh, how I pity him. :blush:

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He can send the money to me. .I wont tell anyone either

He needs to start a family. Time to pro-create. He might need my advice on how to get out of celibacy.

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Yes, exactly he was bragging, but he has got such money correct!

They sound lonely. No relationship. No friends. If they moved here for work, they probably don’t have family here. I think they’re questioning if it was worth it.

For a techie, is hard to find a spouse of similar interest because their interest tends to be too narrow, jokes dry and lack of empathy.

When Twtr came out, it made 1600 millionaires over night !

Think of all tech companies in bay area. All good one tripled in stock prices between 2009 and 2016 !

This has resulted all the home price appreciation !

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