How China’s overseas property dream turned into a nightmare

That gotta have some impact on Bay Area RE.


“We thought it was a good and affordable deal to invest in overseas property, without thinking of the possible risks, and even signing the agreements in English even though we don’t know the language,” Wang said.

I guess we Chinese are not that savvy.

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This crackdown will have an impact here ?.

I have been saying that the impact from China buyers is negligible for the general market in BA. There might be a little small pockets that could feel a slight impact. The whole Bay Area market will feel nothing from China’s capital control.

The real impact will come if the economy tumbles in China and cause trouble for US economy. I have some concerns about Chinese economy but they have been able to postpone it a few times already.

Capital control reveals China’s economic distress

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So, does that mean that finally, American buyers can have a chance to become homeowners without these competitors? I am all for it.

Capital outflow weakens Yuan. China is transitioning to a consumer driven economy, needs a stronger Yuan since would be importing a lot more than export. Capital outflow is screwing the transition.

Read some analysis about fed rate hike. Yellen is giving a lot of headaches to China and it faces a lot of challenges and an appreciating dollar makes it worse

At the same time, Trump accuses China is manipulating the currency market to keep Yuan low. USA is both the God and the Devil to China.

Trump was awarded recently about 10 trademarks by the Chinese country while, you know, berating the advantage the Chinese take on tariffs. And he keeps selling his condos to Chinese who benefit from the EB5 visas.
This guy is totally reckless when it comes to do anything straight. Somebody has to explain in details what he said or what he meant.

A week ago, all looked well in the world of the Federal Reserve and Chair Janet Yellen: Economic hopes were high, the markets were performing well, and the central bank was well on its way to restoring some sense of normalcy after a decade of historically loose monetary policy.
Suddenly things have gotten murkier.

The stock market just turned in its worst one-day performance of the year, worries are escalating in Washington and on Wall Street that President Donald Trump’s agenda has hit stall speed, and the notion that the Fed will have a free ride seems considerably less certain.

Should this keep up — and there’s a growing drumbeat on the Street that it will, at least in the near term — it could set up Trump and Yellen on a collision course.

Trump is better for Constitution and property rights. Trump is better for property owners.

Maybe Yellen is raising rate to hurt Trump. By making Yuan cheaper and causing trouble to Chinese economy, it can slow down US economy and make people mad about Trump :grinning:

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Constitution and property rights…Like the emoluments clause…OK…:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Man! I am having so much fun!

Who cares about the Chinese, they can go to buy candies for me. At least, that’s what Twhitler said in the past.

But now…the chicken is running without a head…

“We will have contingency plans to cope with the worst policies from Trump,” said a second policy adviser.

Trump has previously threatened a 45 percent tariff on China’s exports and frequently said on the campaign trail that he would label China a currency manipulator, even though Beijing has not been actively weakening the yuan in recent years. <----------:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are all greedy, Chinese or not, and sometimes too greedy for our own good.

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Signing documents they didn’t understand…this sounds like a sequel to the gold rush coolies…

What makes the Chinese so interested to buy property in other countries?

Chinese believes in RE. Is in their blood. My take is they are still not use to stock equities as storage of wealth. Stocks are viewed as gambling instruments rather than partial owner of income generating assets. A piece of paper (worse, now is digital) saying you own something is too abstract :slight_smile: for most of them.


There’s a reason they want to own RE outside China though. I think it tells you something about their confidence in China’s economy. They want to move money outside China for a reason.

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Stop being nice. They come here because they exploited the system and are corrupt as hell thus needing a place to park their rotten $. Remember, they are “Communist” so they shouldn’t have money at all in their pockets but being as broke as the entire population.

That’s what Mao said…:stuck_out_tongue:

To keep on par with Trump, you have to at least add “some of them, I assume, are good people”. :slight_smile:


Hearsay? Read on website? Read from media? Personal experience? What is the percentage of corrupt vs clean?

Assuming it is true, you are calling them out because? I am aware ahem, ahem, ahem are very corrupt too… is not the issue here… I’m not a guy who like to use red herrings.

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