How China’s overseas property dream turned into a nightmare



Trump’s family is making out like bandits.


Couldn’t anyone go pitch that?


Absolutely unethical… using their connection with the US President to lure clients in. :slight_smile:


I had that report ready to bring it to discussion. The event host pushed the reporters out of the meeting stating those were the news they didn’t want running around.

This is getting murkier by the day. Ivanka, Jared, the entire Twhitler family is enriching themselves with the konnetions to the white house.

Imagine yourselves, being invited to see for the first time the developing of a new software program that will (hange history and when you arrive a janitor, who is not supposed to be there is sitting next to you having some discretionary power on what’s going. Imagine Merkel and the foreign ministers visiting our country. All being solicited for a business deal



How is it using their connection to Trump? The EB-5 program is open to any investors that make the required investment. They aren’t giving them a program that no one else can use. Do you really think they are the only people in China marketing the EB-5 program to attract investors? Are they promising some soft of special processing or treatment if the people investment in their project?


Wait! I forgot.
Sometimes, we have to understand something. Chinese people, Vietnamese, Guatemalans, Mexicans, you name nationality and/or race, are looking for a better opportunity, no doubt about it. But with that idea, dream, goal, there are risks to play.

Do I applaud if these Chinese investors are dirty or corrupt? No. For being defrauded by the idea of “hurry up, this deal won’t last forever”? Not that either. No! In normal circumstances, they are running a risk. But in this case, as depicted in the media reports, they are playing with people’s dreams, and that dream is tainted with an idea contrary to what the patriarch of the clan is saying, that he is curtailing the issue of visas. But not the visas that benefits his family’s pockets?

The conflict of interest here is obvious and presents an enormous violation of ethical behavior, which is why the Washington Post reporters were chased out of the building by security, being told that “this is not the story we want” – an open admission that what was transpiring within that ballroom was the literal definition of corruption.

While staggering shows of breathtaking hypocrisy have become a weekly occurrence in the Trump era, the contradiction between President Trump’s efforts to deport millions of poor Mexican immigrants while his son-in-law auctions off visas to wealthy Chinese oligarchs highlights how Trump’s immigration policies are nothing but …racially motivated soft ethnic cleansing.

From the foreign dignitaries flocking to stay at Trump Hotels to the White House promoting Ivanka Trump’s newest “book” to the selling of visas, the Trump family is quickly turning our government into an extension of their own business empire, dedicated to filling their own pockets and promoting their own brands at the expense of the American taxpayer.


Many of chinese Investors DO NOT want american visa ,especially the Rich ones.
They don’t want to pay our high SHIXX Tax.


Sometimes, some people, really amaze me. They fail to recognize themselves that they are degrading their opinion by just defending the indefensible. But they are not biased. No, not at all…



In other words, whites would remain the majority since the Chinese would push out Mexicans which threaten to be the majority in USA if not stop. Plus the bonus of money brought in.


The Visa program has been in place for YEARS allowing foreign investors who meet the criteria to get a Visa. This isn’t some backdoor program where only people that invest in properties run by friends/family of Trump can get the Visa. Anyone who invests over $500k qualifies. I guess if having a dollar requirement is racist, then it means you don’t think certain races are capable of having $500k to invest. It also means you can’t tell the difference between a legal Visa program and illegal immigration.


Oh boy, some people just don’t get it. Play the conflict of interest card, but not play it by just excusing themselves for using the connections to the white house.

As I said, I have plenty of knowledge on immigration thingy. I have been posting about the EB5 visas since Twhitler campaigned. He was using the system to his advantage while berating the Chinese. The stick and the carrot at the end of it.

What part of Nepotism, corruption, blah, blah, blah, you don’t get?


What does the connection have to do with granting of EB5 Visa? I could go to China and advertise it. It’s a program anyone can use.


They would invest 500k in US, but they don’t want your visa . Chinese are not stupid my frienda. There’s tons of these video telling them the tax trap .


How do they deal with the remote possibility that the people controlling the communist party might change to the extremists such that they would nationalize or take all their money? Investing in global cities like Singapore is a good idea. What else can they do?


They will still invest in US, just won’t get the visa
If they want to flee to other country, there’s better alternatives.


From Rober Reich:

Connect the dots:

(1) Buried in the first major piece of legislation that Trump signed into law is the renewal of the EB-5 visa program offering permanent residence in the United States to affluent foreigners who invest big money in real estate projects here. To date, 80 percent of those foreigners have been wealthy Chinese who see the program as an easy way to legally move to the United States.

(2) Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and key advisor, oversees China policy for Trump.

(3) Just hours after Trump signed the measure on Friday, Kushner’s sister was urging wealthy Chinese in Beijing to take advantage of the law by investing $500,000 each in a pair of Jersey City luxury apartment towers the family-owned Kushner Companies plans to build. (Even before the bill was she was on her way to China to make the pitch.) She told prospective Chinese investors that the project “means a lot to me and my entire family.”

I count 4 ways this is illegal:

  1. Kushner advises Trump what legislation to sign. Kushner indirectly profits from the EB-5 visa program. In fact, before January, when Kushner was formally at the helm of Kushner Companies, the business received $50 million in EB-5 financing for a separate New Jersey project – a Trump-branded luxury high-rise tower in Jersey City that opened late last year. Profiting from legislation one has a hand in making arguably violates U.S. ethics laws and rules.

  2. Presumably some of those wealthy Chinese believe their investments in Kushner’s family company will gain them influence in Trump’s White House (especially after Kushner’s sister told them how important the project is to “my entire family.”) Courting them arguably violates the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  3. Almost all wealthy Chinese are somehow connected to the Chinese government, either as leading members of the Communist Party or as “princelings” – children of such leaders. Profiting off deals with them arguably violates Article I Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution (the “emoluments” clause).

  4. China is not formally an enemy of the United States but its actions and goals often put it at odds with the United States. Making a deal for profit with such a foreign power, while holding high office in the U.S., might even be grounds for a charge of treason.

But with a Justice Department under Jeff Sessions who reports to Donald Trump, and with Republicans in control of Congress, none of these will be prosecuted.

There is also the utter hypocrisy of allowing rich foreigners to gain permanent residence in the United States by investing large sums in the President’s extended family’s business, while barring refugees from entering the U.S. at a time when world suffering the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

What do you think?


I don’t care about that author’s opinion.

  1. Who cares if 80% of people that use the program are Chinese? Also,the investment doesn’t have to be real estate. It’s any business that creates at least 10 US jobs. The program is designed to create US jobs.

  2. Who cares? This isn’t a China policy. It’s an existing policy that’s been in place since 1990.

  3. Again, anyone could go pitch their business to the Chinese as long as the investment could create at least 10 US jobs. They don’t have exclusive rights to it.

  4. They received that $50M before Trump was president. In other words, they used this program long before Trump was in the white house. They used it while Obama was president. Should we blame Obama?

  5. Seriously? That’s a ridiculous accusation.

  6. Wow, that’s laughable.

  7. We let the Chinese buy US companies. Obama let Russia buy Uranium mining rights and that wasn’t treason. Letting the Chinese invest in US real estate is treason?

I think anyone capable of critical reasoning would realize those points are nothing more than hysteria designed to get a reaction.



Any republican would be calling for an investigation if that was one of Obama’s children or business partner doing that during the last administration.