How Come We Don't Discuss Santa Cruz Much?

A tad far from the Bay Area? Nobody owns anything there?

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17 can be a nightmare. Worse than going over Sunol. One jackknifed big-rig and it’s all over for the day. Parts of it can be bypassed but as someone who lives down 84 I can say it’s a much worse situation than where I live. Nice place to retire though - or great if you work from home. And despite the crazy left-wing image MUCH easier to work with than San Mateo Co. if you need to do stuff to a home and don;t want to go the un-permitted route.


Stay away. If we’re not getting stabbed by illegals, we suffer from flooding or slides, and then comes the rental inspector to see if all our electric outlets are firm in the wall. Also, no Ranch99 around here.

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…yet the happiest spot in Cali…impressive

Congratulations Santa Cruz.

A Hispanic name by the way.

Welcome to Santa Cruz, now go home…The next Bolinas…Most people there would like to see 17 blocked forever…Lots of people in South Lake Tahoe feel the same about 50…lol

Well, people say that about many places but at the end of the day (esp SLT) you NEED people to visit. No different from the Fab 7x7 really. Tourism is an important component that people seem to forget that helps keep the lights on…

The old farts hang I with don’t need the tourists. .In fact when the BA tourists clogged all the roads last Sunday, I started agreeing with them …I already leave town on big holidays, like Christmas, New years, 4th of July. .total grid lock…

It is like those people who conveniently forgot that they decided to move to and live on the iconic crooked part of Lombard Street. What did you think would happen? Peace and quiet, all year round?

One thing nice about being a SF native is that when the holidays come around, the town empties out for a few days. Nice!

Look at Sausalito. .Used to to be totally hip and cool…now it is a retirement community…where the sidewalks are empty at night. …I go to the BA on holiday now…nice to be going the opposite of traffic…Kind of fun being a tourist in my home town…