How do you cover Asset Protection? Umbrella and More?

I came across 2 years old thread about Asset Protection.

I know many of us, esp investors or builders, have Umbrella Insurance. Do you take any additional steps to protect?

If you live in Florida or Texas, consider yourself lucky as your entire primary residence is protected. (It’s also why OJ Simpson decided to buy a home and settle down in Florida.

No income tax, homestead discount for property tax of primary residence and primary residence protected from suits. Retirement should move to Texas or Florida.

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Primary residence protection can be extended to California, it’s not hard to pass. Why not petition jerry brown?

Primary home protection could be a bipartisan proposal. Dens may support it even if a Repulican proposes it

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I like the weather of California, esp Bay Area. In fact, I should have moved to Belmont or Emerald Hills or SFO by 2008-2011 period !