How do you see this busy street multiplex?

First, I am not going to buy this, but posting it for discussion purpose as I know this location.

This Miller ave is Cupertino schools area, rent for 3 BD may go to $4000 and 2BD for $3000.

But the issue is high speed road, I think 35 MPH limit

If it is primary SFH seeking purpose, I can outright reject this place,

I always sees multiplexes are near to business area or traffic areas.

Appx cap rate is around 4%

How do you value this if you were going to buy such for investment purpose? Is it good or bad? Will you buy this home?

I pass this house every single day and always wonder how anyone can backup his/her car from driveway.

Passing Bolliger, miller becomes less crowded, but until (especially near) bollinger intersection, it is super busy (lots of cars lined up for signal. Left lane for left turn only and right lane for both straight and right turn).

Busy street should result in some discount in price, when you buy and when you sell. So for appreciation, it can be neutral (if selling in similar market condition) to negative (if selling in buyer market).

On other hand, I suspect rental pricing discount is negligible, though I’m not 100% sure. So for income, this can be a plus. Well, it’s all relative. Good compare to other locales in Cupertino, but poor compared to outside of Bay Area.

I personally believe in buying a place and holding. So income is more important to me. I personally would like that discount in buying.

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