How I negotiated a $300,000 job offer in Silicon Valley

Tell me again how CA and SV’s economies are going to collapse? Huh?


Who said it will collapse? @BAGB?

Well, you know the arguments. Taxes are high in BA, rich people are leaving, tech companies moving elsewhere blah blah blah.

The reality is that people barely out of school making 300K a year, and we have maybe the strongest pipeline of tech IPO’s in a decade.

There’s a reason why BA is expensive.


Very impressive.

Heard this story many times. I recalled he has worked for a few years and won a few code hack competition before getting a degree :grinning:

Obviously alpha is Apple :grinning:
Bravo is LinkedIn :innocent:

Did he mention anything about his qualification? (Education and experiences).
The article is too long to read through. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you may have mistaken him for another one I posted a while back:

There’s also much more in-depth, less-anecdotal pieces I’d recommend reading. There’s this legendary one from Patrick McKenzie and another from Haseeb Qureshi. What you see here is more of a collection of my personal thoughts (and a response to all of the questions I got regarding numbers).

I posted the one written by Qureshi. This is a different person.

Too long for me too… but if you want to read even more about it here’s the Reddit thread:

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Hope he’s actually worth $300K.


I’m worth a lot more than that…


Well, if he is a PhD with a patent in machine learning, I would say cheap :slight_smile:

I didn’t read the post because it’s too long, but if he’s only mediocre and negotiated a $300K comp, he’s going to have a hard time surviving. Imagine if his manager’s comp is also around that range and he/she sees the staff making just as much as him/her. What do you think will happen?

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With those starting salaries, I’m guessing BS only.

I disagree. Ms. Ahrents of Apple Store “fame” was totally unqualified for her position yet she still managed to stick around for a few years before being fired.

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TC has a soft heart for women and/or Black. The previous SVP(Retail) was fired in less than a year (can’t remember how long) when found unsuitable.

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That was because her position was higher on the totem pole and normally executives can twiddle their thumbs longer than grunts.

No need to get sexist/racist… :rofl:

fact is , if he’s able to get all these offers from these top company, this dude got some skills
skills = $$$$
let’s find a dude that has no skill to see how many offers he get


That’s exactly why i am curious about his qualification. However, his posting is a bit disappointing given his achievement in interviews. It could be more concise than that.

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300k is total comp including stock, bonus and benefit. He is 2 years out of school. How old is he? 24 or 29?

“The final offer I signed was ~$300,000 in total yearly compensation (over four years, including a variable annual bonus, and amortizing the signing/relo package). I negotiated it up from ~$225,000*, an increase of 33%.”

Bravo : I heard back and got approval for a new offer and I wanted to see what you thought. We’d like to offer you a {salary + annual bonus} of $180,000. In addition to that, we would like to offer $400,000 in RSUs that vest over four years. Lastly, I was able to get approval for a $90,000 {signing bonus + relocation expenses} package. That would put your four-year compensation package at around $1,210,000, or an annual compensation package of around $300,000 . What do you think?