How Many American Cities Are Preparing For The Arrival of Self-Driving Cars? Not Many

Carefree town

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In order to prepare for self driving car, it is important to know the specs required. Note that today, there are 2 major competing technology for self driving car. And they are very different.

Google self driving cannot be rolled out anywhere and everywhere. Location must be mapped down to little details (light poles, street signs, trees, etc). It will take significant mapping resourcing.

On the other hand, car manufacturers are working on a technology that is more universal. It use algorithms and image recognition for lanes and objects. For instance, driving assist features (lane deviation warning/correction, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control) are already release as features. Then these need more development to become fully autonomous driving.

I wonder if requirements and specs for the autonomous driving environment are available to public for city planner to use?

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They need to start a beta project on an island, like Bermuda or Catalina

There is no mention of how much it costs. Looks to be just some conceptual futuristic plan that may or may not happen.

kinda like the fully autonomous car.

Looks like google has given up on the fully autonomous car. I don’t understand why it took them this long.

"The larger story, however, is the change in the project’s strategic direction that’s accompanying its new corporate structure. The Information reports Google “has backed off” plans to develop a fully self-driving car lacking a steering wheel or pedals, and is now focused on teaming with automakers to “make a vehicle that drives itself but has traditional features for human drivers.”

With google gone, I don’t see anyone working on full autonomy – Instead, the focus appears to be around better and better forms of autopilot. That’s nice, and cars will get safer, but it is not the huge disruptor people think it will be. Someone still has to be in the drivers seat.

They are not sure until Apple also decided not too.

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Buses and trains are the best cars you do not need to drive. Most trains are already self pilot.

Nothing will be accident free.

Putting google tech in regular cars will get them tons more data, which is what they probably need to complete full auto

“I need to make it perfectly clear, [full autonomy is] a wonderful, wonderful goal. But none of us in the automobile or IT industries are close to achieving true Level 5 autonomy. We are not even close,” Gill Pratt, the CEO of the Toyota Research Institute, said at CES.

Nissan also thinks full autonomy is still ways off. Maarten Sierhuis, Nissan’s head of research and development, told Wired that fully self-driving cars aren’t going to happen in the next 5 to 10 years.

When it comes down to it, self-driving car companies are starting to pull back on grandiose visions for self-driving cars either because the tech isn’t ready or the regulatory environment won’t support it.

“self driving cars” will in reality just be safer cars. Better safety features, and perhaps some flavor of controlled autopilot on highways. Nothing disruptive. This will just help reduce the 30K people killed per year in the US in car crashes. A nice improvement, but not the “disruptor” many folks think it will be.

I think even assisted driving will be a big disruptor. Driving on highway should be the first bit to get fully automated. And starting from there more and more of the driving tasks will get automated. It won’t be the sexy big bang people have been hoping for. Rather it will be a slow and steady grind, until one day, viola!

If we can automate highway driving away maybe more people will move out to exurbs like Tracy.

Already here. How much assistance do you want?

It’s not quite common yet, only available on expensive Teslas. When it trickles down to Civic it’d be huge.

Assistance so far:

Rear view camera
Self parking
Power steering
Power brake
Active Blind-Spot Detection System
Headed Windshield
Built-in Nav system
Cruise control
Backup collision intervention

Ok then I need more assistance. To the point I can play with my phone without worrying about killing myself.

Is there any proof that Tesla are safer than Hondas?