How Obama did vs last few presidents

POTUS has no control over the economy. When will people learn that?

Notice how the economy grew so fast under Clinton that government spending as a percent of GDP shrank, and we had a budget surplus. Yet people keep thinking higher taxes and other anti-growth policies are the answer.

Doesn’t matter, Tom, elections are about perception. .if the economy is good the party in power will win…good news for Hillary…altough a few more terrorist acts could get Trump elected…

It’s perception and lying.

To be fair, who can trust Hillary over the emails scandals? But, on the other hand, would you trust your eye vision to a chiropractor?

The major problem I see is that the same people who elected “whoever” causing their dissatisfaction are the ones who know play innocent and want different results. Somebody has to pay the bill, right?

Coal mining is out of style, it doesn’t serve any present purpose but to feed China, which is the main point of Trump’s agenda. Those laid off workers will be voting for a candidate that at the end won’t do anything for them since as somebody said and we know it but challenge each other on that absurdity, presidents don’t create jobs but stimulate the economy through laws in congress. Which brings us to the same alternative, a gridlock will be present if Trump is president and the rest is democrat. Checks and balances my dear Watson.

This country, which will be my country, legally in 2 days, has to answer to real problems like racism, gun violence, the happy trigger attitude in the police force, and the perpetual poverty present in certain areas. We, as a country, can’t go forever ignoring such tragedies. As we saw in Texas, it only takes one person, legally, protected by the second amendment to hold an entire town and cause $millions in economic damage. Yes, those advocating the absurdity of owning long range rifles or automatic rifles should congratulate themselves for it. Per the creator of the M-16 or AR-15, they weren’t produced to be in the hands of civilians.

Obama will be seen in the future as the escape goat of the politics that played with the ignorance of many. Comparing to what he says, which will be dissected, twisted to fit other people’s agenda, with Trump, I can’t less than laugh that a person like him, because he is a billionaire “and makes lots of money” can say the he could shoot somebody and he wouldn’t lose a voter. Had Obama said anything similar, militias causing problems, and riots would be the order of the day. None the less, the perpetual congress investigations on the price of the upwards of $7 million, as if the country needs investigations rather than laws or programs to create jobs.

Obama did good, otherwise, if you think different, return the difference of what you have right now, with what you had back in February, 2009. Nah! Let’s say December 2008.

Oh! Glad to know Clinton has an admirer in the house…:laughing: