How safe is Fremont for single mom with kids

A friend of mine who is a single mom with two school going daughters is thinking of moving to Fremont. We heard lot of stories about increasing crime and people getting harassed by random bums in neighborhoods and shopping centers. How serious are these issues? Please respond if you know. Thanks.

Hi there. Well, I own a SFH rental there (South Sundale area) and as far as I know the area or city is pretty decent. A far cry from the old Fremont. My tenant is a family with 3 boys and they have been there for maybe 3+ years now.

If you care about these stories on surveys, Fremont ranked #4 in the nation for “happiest” recently.

Here’s why Bay Area cities rank as the happiest in the US (

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Thanks @sfdragonboy. Also waiting to hear from @Roy321.

While I have not faced anything personally,I do see more homeless tents specifically around the Fremont main library.
Also saw the laundry detergent section locked up in Home Depot.

While things have clearly changed from earlier, my opinion is Fremont is still relatively safe compared to many Bay Area cities.

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I got in-laws with elementary kids living in Fremont and couple of other friends. IMO, it is pretty safe city. My tenant also have 4 kids (moved from LA) and loving Fremont.

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