How startups help the economy and local populations!

Looks to be good startup story posted by someone today.


Sorry, but from all that…this was the most important piece for me…

I better change out that low flow showerhead that I promised to this weekend…:slight_smile:


Good for him! Very inspiring :slight_smile:

He made money $700k from startup acquisition.

Bought a house in 2014 with 400k appreciation and 200k downpayment.

401k and Roth IRA also might have good balance.

Good income with RSU.

So primary source of wealth is from working at a successful startup. Home purchase timing is also good.

He lost 100k in stock investment. Better stop stock investment or quickly become a guru

I’m assuming he made a typo when he said he came to the US in 2016…

I think so, it must be 2006 !

2008 job, he would have landed in 2006 for 2 years Stanford MS.

Jil, is this on reddit? where do you find all these stories :slight_smile:

It was around 4 PM today, I was scanning reddit/r/financialindependence section, got this posting screen shot. By 7 PM, I wanted to read the feedback, went back, it is not there, trying to find the link…invain.

Except taking this screen shot, I do not have any link or reference now.

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