How stocks are crazy today ! Question reposted (not mine)

Wall street’s pump and dump strategy…used countless times.

Today jump is too much, I am seeing my YTD jump as of today is 8.5%. I am little scared where it goes…Same way, I see some of the bidding in real estate !

Gold is up 8.61% YTD. Basically USD is hurting

Isn’t USD very strong lately?

I have one share of GLD as watch list bought on 12/27. It is up 9.85%. When FED hikes the rate, USD becomes strong against other currencies. All stocks are also going stronger along with GLD and stronger USD.

XLF and XLI are up nicely since I posted they had broken out.

I am tightening my stops slowly. Just ride it as long as I can, and let my stops tell me when to trim some.

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I watch vs 10-day moving average on trades.

Didn’t bother to compute. Huat Ah!

Quick check: Which account you want to know? Vary from 5%-19% YTD… buy n hold accounts. Trading account 8.8%.

Which currency pair do you care about? ytd dollar is down or flat almost across the board. However we did have a nice run up last year

YTD of AAPL is about 20% :grin: very good for a very large cap.

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We’ve had a huge run-up since November. DYI went from 96 to 102

Ive some April puts on XLI. Hope I can make a decent bundle from it.

It is magic ! Big brother was ceaselessly buying with $18 Billion to get 2.5% stake…!!!

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Why do you think XLI will decline between now and then?

I am using the OptionsPlay recommendation that i subscribe to.
“On Friday’s CNBC’s Options Action, the crew analyzed the relative performance of the Industrial Sector. Despite having a large run higher in the past 3 months, the outperformance came from 3 trading sessions prior to the election, removing the idea of a Trump trade. XLI has underperformed the market since the election on a relative basis and shows signs of exhaustion. Coupled with very high valuations from many of the constituent stocks, the crew expects a pullback in Industrials. Michael Khouw suggested buying an April 65/52 Put Spread for a $0.70 Debit.”

Interesting. Another perspective is they have lagged and mean theory suggests they’ll outperform going forward. It recently broke out from a good base with 10-day higher than 50-day which is higher than 200-day. I bet with the direction in that case with 10-day as a stop.