How the Coronavirus will affect Bay Area Housing Market

Why do they arbitrarily pick the bottom to now? Oh right, it makes a sensational headline to create outrage. Why not pick from before the crisis to now? Why didn’t they talk about how many billions they lost when the market dropped 30% faster than ever. I expect that garbage style reporting from NYT or VOX.


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So much for the water cooler chat :smirk:

Anonymous survey. By blind. Enough said.

The Facebook comments on this article is actually more illuminating. Most want the other to leave so they can have the place all to themselves.

Yogi: it’s so crowded nobody goes there anymore.



Palo Alto house. $2500/SF
Tax base. $77k. Taxes $900. The City and County will do well. 6400 SF lot. Tear down and build $4m house?

Zuckerberg said last year that he expected Facebook’s real estate growth to be primarily outside the Bay Area as the region grappled with traffic congestion and high costs. The coronavirus is accelerating that trend.

“This is probably overdue. Over the past few decades, economic growth in the U.S. has been quite concentrated, with major companies often hiring in a handful (of) metropolitan areas. That means we’ve been missing out on a lot of talented people just because they happen to live outside a major hub,” he wrote Thursday.

Mark is silent about the political climate :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and environmentalists :shushing_face: @manch probably still refuses to believe the secular trend of moving to WFH and plateau-ing of 7x7 RE prices.

@manch, if you like Democrat-California so much, sell your 7x7, buy in Pleasanton, San Ramon, … it takes a long time for titanic to turn, don’t be so short-sighted.

The era of 9-5-5 office is fading.


Might be posted before I think…

Price appreciation of condo in 7x7 slow down since 2015 :scream: Plateauing even before the current emerging trend of WFH :flushed: The writing is on the wall for so long yet @manch didn’t see it :grimacing:
SELL your condo! :exploding_head:

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Not just that the headline is wrong. They wouldn’t leave they would “consider” leaving. Well anyone with a brain would consider their options when presented with such a choice.

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I consider being a billionaire everyday. :cry:


I consider being a war lord :smiling_imp:


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Buying a $850k condo for your kid. People with money still have money.

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No Home Depot today, went to Lowe’s .
A fridge crapped out at my tenant’s place last night.

Ended up with 2 new fridges and 2 vanities.
New fridge and vanities for my future adu…

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Was at HD Friday. No line. Very few wearing masks. Things are getting back to normal in Placerville. Three of my neighbors had Memorial Day parties

Around here, HD increased their customer density from 100 to 200. No more waiting at the entrance since then (2 weeks ago?)

Everyone was wearing mask at the Lowe’s Fremont location. Of course a few people had their noses sticking out.

Felt very normal except the masks :mask: