How to best plan for stock market fall


No, but there are some internal threads at G on how to. The annual fees are relatively high, though, so that’s why i am avoiding for the time being. Just doing options & stocks right now.


I use

There’s very few restrictions on what you can buy with it.


If you directly invest, without 401k, you are liable to pay tax whenever there is a sale. What you do is After tax investment, which is same as Roth 401k (after tax) where you do not have any tax liability life long until you keep it in 401k account. There is no tax when you withdraw too. The max Roth 401k possible is 18500 this year.

If you have after tax 401k allowed, you can additionally 35500/year, which you can take it later for mega back door Roth.

The only issue with 401k is 10% penalty for withdrawal before 59.5.

Did you consider Roth 401k $18500?


Did you mention 5500$/yr in backdoor for 2018, and if you haven’t another 5500 for 2017?


I am too far away from retirement to enjoy tax-free withdrawals so I’d rather pay the long-term capital gains tax now. I do have a small amount sitting in my Roth IRA account from previous jobs that matched my 401K contributions in the past.


Too far away is the best to use Roth, unless you need the money early, as power of compounding will give you better growth. If a person , at age 20, invest 30k VOO (Roth), they may get 450k at age 60 (7% growth assumption).

If you have reached $M+, all these tax avenues won’t be attractive, otherwise any tax you save directly goes to your profit.


I do need the money early. My plan has always been to deploy money into RE whenever I have enough to make a down payment, so keeping money in retirement account doesn’t work for me.


Buildings owned free and clear are the best retirement account you can have…


Yes exactly. RE is my retirement account :slight_smile:


RE = RE is the mantra of posters here, speaking to the choir :slight_smile:


This is a real estate forum. Even though stock pickers are trying to take over. Tough to do in this year of volatility . I know a lot of people cashing out of stocks. Day to day 3% swings makes it hard to sleep at night.