How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

:worried: I hope that shopvac is equipped with a HEPA filter… There’s a reason to get the ceiling wet—it reduces the dust.

That dude is not even wearing a mask…

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Is it a porpcorn with asbestos? I would worry if yes

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Before you comment or get scared, research online. You will find out that certain homes built prior to xxxx have asbestos.

It also would be a good idea to buy one of those throwaway uniforms so you don’t get the goofy stuff on yourself. And yes, you need to cover the entire room, from the walls to the floor. Easy to do if you know how.

I’ve done that job several times, under the supervision of my bosses, and a couple of times by myself. Weird thing is that they never stayed with me…I wonder why? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My understanding was generally yes.

Who knows - maybe they will come back into style some day just like canvas sneakers and meth did.

Asbestos is a real health risk since it can get into your lung and stuck there forever.

I think most of the mold stuff could be a hoast or overreaction, but asbestos is real and need to be handled carefully.

Other than asbestos, what are other major risks in home remodel?

Mold is very real as well. Especially if you already have a health problem. Biggest problem with mold is that people can have it, have it affect their health, and not realize it. Asbestos only seems to be a problem when you touch it, and you generally know your’e touching it.

Lead is a problem as well for remodels.

Not all popcorn ceiling has asbestos.
Asbestos was only used prior to a certain year, and it was used in the material used for texture (mud, joint compound).
Popcorn ceiling was popular before that certain year. So there is some correlation.

But you could put popcorn style ceiling up without asbestos containing material.

I recently demo’d a 1930 house… only some sewer pipes had asbestos per test.

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Asbestos has only been deadly for ship workers…If you keep the ceiling wet, no problem. .Spray water on it with a garden sprayer…use a throw away suit and mask if worried. …Scrap off with a floor scraper. …Retexture when done…

Or just sheetrock over the existing ceiling…

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I don’t buy that. We know someone who died of lung cancer–nonsmoker, but she’d accompanied her dad when he did asbestos removal. Do you have any research that shows that?

Extremely rare disease…Not lung cancer…People think it is pervasive, because of lawyers ads… Rates of mesothelioma vary in different areas of the world. Rates are higher in Australia, the United Kingdom, and lower in Japan.[3] It occurs in about 3,000 people per year in the United States.[13] It occurs more often in males than females. Rates of disease have increased since the 1950s. Diagnosis typically occurs after the age of 65 and most deaths occur around 70 years old. The disease was rare before the commercial use of asbestos.[3]

As far as lead…Nobody in the modern world has died from it…It is highly political. …Most lead exposure came from leaded gas…exposure is down 90% from the 70’s.
It is blamed for increased violence and low IQs in the inner city…no real proof though

Lead is a poison. Can make you sick, even an adult. May not kill you, but I wouldn’t go sanding down leaded walls, floors, molding, etc. Given the question is what other issues you encounter when renovating, I’d still be careful about this one.

I already told people to do a Google on the topic. Asbestos was used until certain date, I believe, never mind, do your own research. But they keep asking questions. Why?

I did some popcorn ceiling removal, and up to this point, my doubts are that, doubts. Did I scrape asbestos? Only the final autopsy of my cadaver will tell.

One thing is for sure. Don’t play with it. You can wet the popcorn, scrape it, it will come off as mud, slimy, whatever. But if you didn’t put the plastic on walls and on the floor, and you didn’t grab that entire suit and folded it nicely and tightly to the point it doesn’t give the material to get dry, you will be OK. Once the material dries, which can happen in couple of hours, any shaking of it will send pores through your house and they will be there until you breathe it into your lungs.

The rest is history, be handsome, try it. Just think about that out of nowhere coughing you come with many years later. Why?

Well, better to err on the safe side. Call professionals to remove popcorn or asbestos. Some money you just don’t want to save.

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I have been working in lead, asbestos infested houses since 1961…I was 8 helping my mom restore a 1920s Maybeck style home…I sanded a 1906 house for a week with a car sander…Breathed and ingested a lot of lead paint…I think the EPA and government regulations are more toxic than anything I have breathed or ingested in the last 55 years…

Deaths related to lead poisoning in the United States, 1979-1998.

Kaufmann RB1, Staes CJ, Matte TD.
Author information
This study was conducted to describe trends in US lead poisoning-related deaths between 1979 and 1998. The predictive value of relevant ICD-9 codes was also evaluated. Multiple cause-of-death files were searched for records containing relevant ICD-9 codes, and underlying causes and demographic characteristics were assessed. For 1979-1988, death certificates were reviewed; lead source information was abstracted and accuracy of coding was determined. An estimated 200 lead poisoning-related deaths occurred from 1979 to 1998. Most were among males (74%), Blacks (67%), adults of age >/=45 years (76%), and Southerners (70%). The death rate was significantly lower in more recent years. An alcohol-related code was a contributing cause for 28% of adults. Only three of nine ICD-9 codes for lead poisoning were highly predictive of lead poisoning-related deaths. In conclusion, lead poisoning-related death rates have dropped dramatically since earlier decades and are continuing to decline. However, the findings imply that moonshine ingestion remains a source of high-dose lead exposure in adults.
PMID: 12584008

Conclusion…Deaths from lead poisoning hard to prove…most were from moonshine…
This country is putting its resources in the wrong place…Leads regulations for painters are bullshit. …Besides lead paint hasn’t been available for almost 50 years…This is just another boogeyman the government uses to terrorize us and control our lives…I dont believe a word the EPA says…It is run buy hippies from the 60s whose minds are addled by pot smoking for 50 years…

He is right on it. A man of the real world (painter).

The others, you probably think that an “asbestos test” by a well known lab is significant in some way. And “Santa Claus is real” too.

I could post something here… an experience with asbestos testing and abatement… but it is probably not a good idea, given that I post using my real name…

@elt1 is right too… it is all a play to make sheep feel better about paying their taxes. (EPA etc)