How's the Real Economy?

Recently notice a lot of restaurants/shops closing last 2-3 months. and also my boss’s wife just got let go as a nurse last week.
my company we hasn’t able to get back the true full time headcount after employee leaving. only backfilling with contractor/ and outsourcing to other country for last 4 years. I notice it with couple other groups too.

So what you guys think?
Are our economy really as good as our gov/media say?

I just spent two weeks out in the real world. In Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho…Their economies are hot. Resturants full , traffic jams. Hotels with no vacancies. …Unemployment is down to 4.6% nationally. New umemployment claims are the lowest since 1973…Don’t let the Trumpsters blow smoke up your kister…The real economy is smoking hot…Maybe the BA will slow down its torrid growth, but don’t equate that with a downturn…

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Trump will make America great again i.e. Ppl will soon consider GWB as a relatively better president :grinning: (I HOPE MY APPREHENSION IS WRONG)

The Trump effect has made people optimistic. …Even people that didn’t support him are a lot more optimistic than the BA engineers in this forum, me included…Get out and travel around…Except for gloomy liberals, most of the country is hopeful…Wait til March, before falling into an anti Trump funk…

I was amazed the plant shopping center in San Jose has a lot of empty retail space. I don’t go there often, but I don’t remember seeing more than an occasional open space.

Current GDP growth isn’t fast enough to create enough jobs for people entering the work force. I think you have pockets that are doing very well but most of the country is struggling.

Trump got elected on Nov 8. I thought new jobs & hiring have a lead time before hiring actually takes place. It’s not a theoretical topic but anyone who has hired people knows what it means. Trump has nothing to do with the latest job numbers.

Anyways Trump supporters are well meaning people, however they close their eyes and say it’s night when it’s day or viceversa doesn’t change facts & hence apprehensions (I’m talking long term future)

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I think most of the country is doing well…Retail stores selling just clothes are doomed…I buy a lot of my clothes at Costco…They and all the discounters like TJ Max are taking down Macys…But many prefer Amazon. …Malls should be turned into mixed use with housing and primarily restaurants, drycleaners, hairdressers and other services. …Clothes are just too cheap to make much money on…Go to lowes, HD…anything but clothing stores…People are buying GDP up 3.2% last quarter

A big portion of that GDP spike was soybean exports. Another portion was inventory build for the holiday quarter. It’d be under 2% without those. Retailers are getting killed and 70% of our economy is consumer spending. Amazons growth doesn’t explain all the decline in retail sales. Restaurant chains aren’t reporting good numbers either. Oil has been cheap for awhile now, and cheaper gas has translated to more retail or restaurant spending.

Most of the country is surviving and thriving on low wages and low rents…The high cost of housing makes BA people pessimistic. But ironically it’s because the BA economy is so strong that it is so damned expensive to live there…But cheap compared to Sun Valley Id…Avocados $3 ea…No poor people at all…Everyone is a millionaire or a billionare…

The current economic stats are not Trumps doing…They are Obamas legacy…Too bad Hillary couldn’t have articulated a better message…Like her husband did.".It’s the economy stupid"
Trump convinced everyone the economy was in the toilet and blamed it on Obama…In fact all he had to do was convince angry white voters in 5 key Midwestern states…He did so brilliantly…The western states are actually booming, including Cali…and especially Seattle, Salt Lake City and Denver


We should be able to ride the Obama wave a bit longer. Trump damage will come sometime later. Bay Area growth may be too hot for the last 2 or 3 years. It’s normal it takes a breather. I don’t see much slowness in anything around me. As for mall shopping, I often wonder why people are still shopping in malls.

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Genius bar, AMC, Nordstrom, Home Depot and Costco.

You call 8 years with 1 quarter above 3% GDP growth a “wave”. Wow… I guess that record number on food stamps is part of the “wave” too. The multi decade low in labor force participation? Almost no wage growth over the 8 years. I didn’t realize how lucky we’ve been. The last 8 years have benefited the top with massive appreciation in stock and real estate asset values. The middle class and poor have been completely left behind and inequality is higher than when Obama took office.

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