Humanoid Robots

May be available for sale during my lifetime. However, I probably won’t get one. AGI is too dangerous to be around the house. Prefer limited function robots e.g. Braava and Roomba. Other than floor cleaning, don’t see much need for robots.

Well, I could use a tennis partner in Penang if they perfected it to something like this:

Yes, the Lexus line, not the regular Toyota line… LOL


Too old for this. Can only do this if some1 come out with a vitality and longevity solution. Humanoid robots should be popular for the socially awkward high paying SWEs. Meanwhile they could enjoy 3D version using a Vision Pro or a Meta goggle.

Maybe it autodials 911 if it detects a heart attack or stroke.


Watch :slight_smile: No need for expensive humanoid robot.