Humanoid Robots

NVDA GEAR and Fourier Intelligence are ideal partners. One do the brain, the other do the platform.

No Optimus. The industry is far ahead of Optimus.

Surprisingly, restaurants don’t need humanoids.

Only people in the West think this way. For the rest of the world, plenty of cheap labor/ maids to do household chores. Currently, plenty of home robots (that are not humanoid) available in the market.

Humanoid with swappable hands.
UB Tech founded in 2012. Recently listed on HK stock exchange.

Buying a humanoid to do this is dumb. There is no need to fold clothing at all. Those need ironing, hang them after ironing. Those no need ironing, throw them inside the drawer. Hardly spend anytime putting clothes into washer, transfer to dryer and then throw into a drawer.
Screen Shot 2024-04-11 at 4.05.05 PM

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Boston Dynamics chooses to do an “application” humanoid rather than a “platform” humanoid. Also, going for a circular display as head instead of a human head. Ofc, no longer focusing on a military humanoid.