I Just Filled Out My Ballot

And it’s crazy long!! 17 state ballot measures and another 20 or so SF measures. Took me over 2 hours to finish it.

I find this article pretty helpful with my decisions on state measures. Basically we should lean “No” on most measures, unless they met some pretty stringent criteria:

On SF measures I generally sided with Scott Wiener and Mayor Ed Lee, and against Jane Kim. The SF voter guide is very helpful. It has a statement from the Controller on what impact each measure will have on city budget, and lists out pro and con arguments from both sides. Super high information voting there.


Yes, 2 hours for all measures. Posted already.

I am going to vote no on most of the fund raising ones and all of the parcel taxes. I don’t see why I should pay the same tax increase for a ballot measure as someone who owns a 5 million dollar home, or for that matter, more than someone who doesn’t own property. The sales taxes are the ones I am still struggling to decide on.


I also voted No on most bond and tax increases. But I did vote for cigarette tax increase and soda tax. They are both bad for you. :smiling_imp:


I refuse to vote on anything

Oh, No. You must choose measures, very important.

I refuse to be an American.


You pay taxes to us though. That’s fine. :slight_smile:

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That’s why I am very pissed with USG.

I disagree with you on the soda tax. It may not be good for you but it is not bad for you. They say it will prevent childhood diabetes and obesity, but it has been around for 120 years and it never caused a problem. It is only recently people have started blaming for obesity. They refuse to take ownership of how much they eat and have to blame someone. I would vote against it if I could, but I live in San Jose.

Just remember to bring your soda from San Jose next time you come for a visit. :smile:

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Ok, we realize the garage lately from Mrs. Bill and The Donald would get anyone down about this country and while it is your fundamental right to not vote as an American do we really need to remind you how many people would love to be in your shoes? Hopefully, you came to this country because of its ideals and what it stands for, not just for a job. Hopefully, you came to this country to enjoy the ability to have your say by participating in the process of actually electing the leaders of this great country. How many countries really allow one to do that without fear of corruption or mishap?


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I am gainfully unemployed and didn’t look for a job. Still don’t know what is an American dream nor understand its ideals, really don’t care. So whatever you guys said, I just read and don’t bother to verify.

You do understand that by not voting when you are able to that you are not participating in helping to select the leadership or issues that you may align with. Your vote is granted one vote, but nevertheless an important vote. If too many of you decide that I ain’t voting, it theoretically could result in something passing or not passing that you would have wanted and so who suffers? You do. You can’t justifiably complain about the process if you don’t want to be part of the process.

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Most people’s vote is no vote…In South Lake Tahoe population 22000 and there only are 9000 registered voters maybe 3500 will vote …15% of the people vote…and an election is often decided by only a few hundred votes…therefore 1% of the population decides the election. …your vote counts a lot in local elections. …not so much for president thanks to electoral college your vote only counts in few swing states…similarly only 25 congressional seats are ever in question

It may have been around for 120 years, but it was not drunk in the quantity we do now. The sugar increases appetite. Drinking a soda with dinner means you will eat more.

I don’t personally see any problem with taxing it more except from the paperwork side of things. But I don’t think it’s going to stop anyone from drinking it. I mean, for me, if I’m really wanting a soda, the basic cost–is it $1, $2, or $3.50 at a sit-down restaurant, is the basic decision maker for me.

I’m a Republican at heart in California. Like Nixon and Reagan. Dislike Carter and Clinton. No point voting. Democrat always win in California.

There is a difference between centrist Democrat and Bernie Democrat.

It’s simply not true the Republicans are for small government. They want big government as much as any others, and sometimes much bigger. Different parties put the government in different areas. For example, Republicans would very much want to be present in your bedroom making sure you are not doing anything immoral according to their 1950s definition. They want to waste your tax dollars on farm subsidy and buying fancy warplanes.

Well, as @Jil stated previously, that does not mean you can’t vote on the measures or local propositions which depending on what they are could very well impact you more and your very own vote might actually be an important tally.

Just VOTE damn it!!!

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Dragon boy, make sure you don’t vote for Comrade Kim in the State Senate race. I went thru the 20 odd SF measures, it’s uncanny how much I disagree with Kim on pretty much everything.

There is a measure on sidewalk trees. People outside of SF may not know this. But in SF home owners are responsible to take care of the trees in front of their houses. Right, those trees that were not planted by you, that you don’t have any say over whatsoever, but somehow need to foot the bills. I am voting to make city government deal with it.

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