I Thought Everyone Loves Facebook and Amazon

A little late don’t cha think???

A candlelight vigil? Wow. This cause is up there with the Canadians having one for a dead racoon. 50 people is pretty small. That’s not really newsworthy. I love that they are against more police funding. I guess some people really do want to live in a unsafe, high-crime neighborhood. They talk about creating jobs and adequate police coverage as “abuse and oppression”. These people live in what is arguably the most prosperous place on earth with unparalleled job opportunities, and they are whining about how difficult it is. They expect to be given a job based on their zip code and proximity to a new office building. I was raised in a multi-generational UAW family, and I can’t even remotely relate to their attitude of entitlement.

Again, I think it is universally accepted that ANY other area in the US or for that matter Mother Earth would gladly accept with open arms the immense prosperity that we have enjoyed in this region for awhile now. You simply can’t please everyone, everytime…


What does Mr. Thiel know…


Seriously? Amazon is hardly the largest tech player in that area. Why not gripe about Google? Oh because it didn’t lease office space there. Who do they think is moving into EPA houses?


Amazon is taking over the Fab 7x7 too!!!

Here’s the bigger question: Why didn’t they complain before the office space went in? DIdn’t they realize it’d be used for tech companies? Little late if they were hoping for another Ikea.

The thing is what renter isn’t pissed about housing/rent prices around here? All non-owners have all been pushed into neighborhoods that are way crappier and further away than they would have lived in had they been in the position to buy 20 years ago. It’s the fault of the economy and building restricitions not specifically Amazon/FB.

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Prices were pretty good 5-8 years ago. I worked with plenty of people that blew their stock on vacations and cars instead of saving for a down payment. They told me I was an idiot for buying, since rents were cheap and prices would likely decline again.


True, for some it was poor financial planning but for others, just the bad luck of moving here or coming of home buying age during a massive boom.


Everybody does this. In fact, Pharm companies not only tweet good things about themselves, but tweet, publish, post, and do whatever they can to undermine the reputation of anyone who says something bad about them or questions the safety of their products.

I guess I am/was naive, but I was surprised to read this…

Bloomberg News reassigned reporter after Wells Fargo CEO called to complain

It’s no different from the bogus reviews on Yelp and Glassdoor - same thing.

Hey, stop ripping on both of my clients…they help pay for sweetie’s +$200 haircuts…

Let me guess, TripAdvisor is your client too?


Amazon with its many fake reviews comes to mind.