I Thought Smoking Was Bad For You?

Geez, who wouldn’t mind a million smackers for a Xmas bonus???

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I’d be pretty pleased with that kind of bonus (minus nearly half in taxes) but to be frank, this crosses the ethical line for me. Making wealth from vaping seems to violate “do no harm”.

My acid test is - “would I be proud to go tell my kids what I do?”


Agreed. Juul is evil. After many years of hard work, smoking is down to 5% in the adult population, but recent studies have shown that the penetration of vaping is at 20-40% among high schoolers. This is why Altria is throwing so much money at them. They are hooking the next generation completely.


I just returned from my office. One of the guests, pulls one of those thingies when we were about to open a conversation. I had to be very polite to explain him that no matter what, “smoking” wasn’t allowed in the office. He took it with great humbleness.

When it comes to business, anything to make a buck is valid, heck with the morals.

Why? Because I always argue the fact that the police know when a bar is frequented by customers whom may drink heavily. So, you won’t see them outside waiting for the impaired people driving a car, hell no! The bars will protest and that will be the end of it.