If There’s a Recession, Will the Housing Market Crash?

Will housing prices drop in a recession?

If home prices drop, it won’t be significantly. Housing is usually relatively stable during a recession, and home prices only fall but 4-6%—if at all. For example, in the 2001 tech bubble, home prices actually kept going up. Even though the last recession is fresh in our minds, that isn’t a standard for how all recessions look.

Please don’t, got too much tie up. Stop the printing press!

Not for the first few months. Plane loads of H1Bs going home, price tumbles 20-30% in a flash but re-bound ferociously shortly. Hesitate and you would miss the bargain of the lifetime. That’s what my realtor told me. Actually I was referring to Sunnyvale.

You are talking about your Cupertino micro market. She is talking about national.

Daryl is clueless. If she was a rich investor, she would have more clout. She is just a tool working for a RE company. And this article means nothing.

Liars loans were a significant reason why many people off loaded their homes. A friend of mine brought three homes in Phoenix Metro. Had none by the end of 2009. Short sales and deed-in-lieu.