If you have $5 million or more, go get an amicable divorce


Not only in divorce. Rich people are usually nicer, poor people fight more. When you are in poverty, violence will replace civil wars.

You rarely hear rich people commit violent crime. They commit something like tweeting under influence just like musk.

I think one factor is time. Rich people are busy and they have no time to fight.

Another factor is their ability to turn saved time into money, so it makes no sense to waste expensive time to fight for cheap money and damaged feelings.

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So according to the article, if you have 4.99M, you fight for every penny; but if you have 5.01M, you can relax and care less. :smile:

Rich people just hire the fighters. They are called blood sucking lawyers


I don’t want to spend money on lawyers. I guess I’m not that rich… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In Tahoe my best friend is an eviction attorney. Many of my friends are lawyers. My BA lawyer is a good friend too and former business partner.
If you wanna be rich start collecting lawyer friends. You will need their help.

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How so? They can help you sue someone so you can get compensated and become rich?

Rich people and landlords get sued. Something to look forward too:sunglasses:

In fact if you live in CA you will get sued somewhere somehow, guaranteed. I was 9 when I experienced my first lawsuit. Got a couple going right now. At my age they become amusing.

My bother in law is a RE attorney. A good RE attorney in the BA costs $600-$1000/hr

Ok remind me to get rid of my rentals… :rofl:

Already planning for divorce fight? When is the wedding?

What’s the plan for the money after selling rentals?

Spend it to enjoy life.

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Could be a smart move with Prop 10 making its threat

Yes. And what good is money if you don’t use it.