Impact from neighbor's basement digging

A friend is asking me for advice. His next door neighbor plans to dig down the basement by 2 ft. The current basement is more or less at the ground level. His concern is that neighbor’s house is really close to his property line so the digging will make neighbor’s basement floor 2 ft below the ground.

Is there anything to worry about? any concern on future development limitations and any immediate impact on his house?

Please refer neighbor to my “The Leaning Tower of San Francisco” thread…:slight_smile:

Yes, seriously, we could have another Transbay Terminal vs Millennium Tower on a smaller scale where the excavation by the neighbor could in theory compromise your neighbor’s house (foundation). Are you guys located on a slope or level street? I would think level street would have minimal impact, but that is just an opinion. I would have your neighbor inquire as to the contractor’s experience in these matters and maybe even talking to them directly. If need be, your neighbor might need to hire an independent engineer or contractor experienced in these projects to weigh in. Last but not least, if I were your neighbor, I would in a friendly way tell the neighbor that hey I am just concerned for my property but if I am impacted in any way whatsoever you will need to deal with my lawyer. Hey, never too early to put it all out there.

It’s on flat land. Since it’s only 2 feet, my opinion is that it is ok.

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Maybe I’m not seeing something here, but it seems to me that digging the basement out by 2ft, just means 2ft less water to accumulate in his should there be a flood.

I seem to recall discussion from the old forum about underground work. The neighbor would be responsible for the dewatering process, as well as additional drainage necessary, notably not onto the adjacent properties. Basements have a tendency to flood in wet locations.