Implications of Biden's Infrastructure Plan on EV and Clean Energy

Koch Industries, Built on Oil, Bets Big on U.S. Batteries

CEO Charles Koch has fought climate regulation; his company is now spreading investments across the U.S. battery supply chain

ESG stocks on :fire: especially DOA hydrogen stocks :moneybag:

Frenemies? :people_hugging:

Who is actually taking decisions on behalf of Joe Biden? i.e. This Biden’s Infrastructure Plan on EV and Clean Energy, who actually is giving the green light?


Team of advisors and aides (and backers :wink: ). I feel like it’s always has been like that except for maybe Trump. Not a big deal to me but I can understand where you coming from.


Do you think he has the capacity to ask counter questions and push back as to why something is working or not working?

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No idea. Perhaps he doesn’t or he does and is inept.

Perhaps Congress ought to roll back from powers from the Executive branch. Less “imperial presidency” despite the dysfunction in Congress.

I think presidents in general get too credit/blame when something good/bad happens. Anyways I can’t write well enough to go on further. I’m sure others have stronger and/or informed opinions/comments.

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If a bullet point to someone is

“YOU take YOUR seat”

he/she should retire to a retirement home

I think “YOU” and “YOUR” are in CAPS ,because the note writer was concerned that HE might take someone else’s seat. So, emphasis was on those 2 words.

While I agree with you in general, we’re not discussing that topic.

Ok, got it.

He and Ms. Feinstein can be neighbors. :slight_smile:

Wait what?

Do 2 people who are 78, will they have same mental degeneration?

Bernie at 79/80 seems to be doing quite well.
Biden, seems is close to needing full time help for daily tasks.
Feinstein although older I have no clue about.

Love it. Environmentalists want renewable energy. It’s difficult to product close to where the most energy demands are, so we need power lines to get renewable energy to where people live. Environmentalists protest the power lines.

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