Implications of Self Driving Electric Cars

Not so. Did the rotary phone destroy the future of the telephone? It wasn’t exactly an iPhone…

Also, don’t think for one second that any iCar will add value to your Aapl stocks. Too little too late.

The rotary phone is not a beta cell phone.

Focused. Not talking about AAPL. Is about future of self driving cars.

Pretty sure Waymo is at the forefront of self-driving tech. No other company comes close to it. Right @tomato?

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Could well be true. But putting immature cars on the road annoys the general public.

General public is dumb. They have no idea what they want. Like lemmings they jump down the cliff en masse. Ignore them.

Apple is the king of beta products

waymo also has the mind share, we started it, south bay is full of waymos - especially recently, I am seeing significantly more.

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Waymo cars have trouble making right turns. :smile:

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Tesla, maybe, google actually has been progressing slow - compared to tesla, and with solid engineering.

Google didn’t have any significant accidents, drove millions of miles. Without putting cars on the road, you cannot collect training data - simulations are only useful for very limited conditions.

So i will have to disagree on this :slight_smile:

No. Tesla is behind everybody. It doesn’t even have LIDAR’s on its cars. It’s driving blind.

That’s what I mean. Tesla maybe (putting self driving to danger, and moving carelessly fast), google no - we are slow but sure.

You want to be fast and furious. Buy Tsla.

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Loooks cool!

I’ll be Waymo/Google people are annoyed Cruise got there first. :wink:

Waymo’s Bay Area Depot Is a Glimpse of Autonomous Vehicle Future

For all the talk in recent years about the slow adoption of AVs, real progress is being made.

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