Include Gilroy Now In Discussions?

I think we already had, but maybe it’s time to buy before it really gets hot…

Gilroy has changed a lot now. It is expensive, esp after last two years dramatic changes.

There were wonderful homes at a very cheap price during 2008-2011. Note this place was 50% foreclosures during 2008-2011, a scary ride at that time.

The only positive, as of now, that it has HSR stop when it implements.

The biggest negative is horrible commute both ways in 101 hwy, be ready to wake up at 5 AM, start your car at 6 AM !

Gosh, I just did a quick look at what sold for 3 bd homes there. You are right, not exactly cheap. Since it is so far away and I imagine it gets really hot there in the summer, I mind as well stick to Fremont and surrounding cities still then for prospecting…

Hate to be negative. Gilroy gets Hecker Pass fog in the summer earlier and cool faster. I have meteological data suggesting many parts of South Bay is slightly warmer. Want cool breeze move to Hayward hill top.

For those wanting a country living, safe neighborhood, Gilroy west side is the place to be, Luigi School is highly respected. Do you know one high school has higher test score (API) than Palo Alto High School?

No, Gilroy is not a cowboy town anymore. Custom homes are about 1/2 of south Bay in avg home price neighborhood. Commuting can imply train, express bus with wifi.


Sam, How about crime rate on west side?

Houses far away from the main employment neighborhoods are more risky because they are the first to fall and fall hard during a recession.

Ask those technies who live there. Many are Indian engrs work in Silicon Valley. I am not aware of any serious crime just validated.

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When distance reduces, by easy commute like HSR, the suburbs are faster to grow. I always eye on Gilroy as this is a potential HSR station when it is actually implemented.

There are some exceptional homes in San Martin, I hesitated to offer - by distance - may be missed for ever.

Morgan Hill still has amazing houses under $1.8m…big, newer with acreage

At one time was contemplating buying a big house with acreage to prepare zombie apocalypse.

I know an Indian engineer live in Morgan Hill. Do more Indian engineers like big houses in Morgan Hill, Gilroy and not mind the commuting distance?

Myself and Samshueh belongs to Morgan Hill. Until first exit (Cochrane), we have car pool lane, between MH and Gilroy there is no car pool. Whatever it may be, commute is 45 minutes to 60 minutes MH to SJC, add another 20 minutes from Gilroy during traffic time.

Almost 10% are Asians, there are long time settled people in large homes, 5000+sqft+acres, hill side areas. They were available less than or around 1M during 2008-11, but no more (apps 1.75M+). There are pockets of places where we can get 1+ acre land.

This country side, calm location, between MH and Gilroy, there are 37 wineries are there, lot of farms and farm houses are common.

I see more and more Asians are migrating, who can not buy homes at evergreen or south san jose).

Commute to N SJC is fine - with 45-60 mins) by 101 hwy, but not to Sunnyvale or Mountain view through 85 hwy, esp after Cupertino.

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Can houses in Morgan Hill and Gilroy allow me to hide there for a few years during WW 3?


That time White House will be available free!

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Morgan Hill is a nice town. You can buy a home with a lot of land.

If you buy a house with a few acres, what’s the probability to develop your SFH into 10 SFR or 50 condos?

These are big builder’s job, not for mom and pop small people/companies.

If you buy 20 acres or 50 acres land for 1M or 2M to build home, city asks you to lay the road,…etc when they give permit. I have seen MH builders digging trench first, like a creek to get the rain water out, then expanded the road next to it… etc. I saw phase by phase development last two years and everything on builders head (passed on to buyers head).

Above all, MH city has restriction on giving number of permits per year. There are plenty of acres of land available in MH, no takers !

Ask elt1 how difficult to get city permit !

My friend has a large Tuscan villa, pool, poolhouse and office in MH on 2.5 acres, with a winery and 2 acres of grapes…Worth about $2m…Send me a private message if interested

If MH is too hard, how about buying acreage in county land? Without any city planning department, is it easier to build?

We can band together and buy many plots of land in the same neighborhood, then start development one by one. For a really small town, we can all move in and elect each other to the government and control the politics there. If we make our own rules, maybe we can make it a prosperous town if we are not too stupid

The problem with subdivisions in rural areas is most are zoned agriculture. …160 acres min per lot…no subdivisions allowed…Plus they often dont have water sewer power…all these utilities are the developers responsibility. …

Dreaming ! LOL