Indian Bachelors Got No Wives Because of Trump?

“I used to search for NRI matches [in the US], but I rejected 10 such matches after Trump’s rule,” said Hyderabad-based Subramanyam Sharma, who has a 25-year-old daughter. He added that he has also advised his extended family not to look for Indian grooms in America for their daughters as long as Trump was President.

Similarly, like many other Indian parents, Ravi Reddy, 55, has been looking at eligible Indian men working in the US for his daughter, an information technology engineer. Now he says he’s dropped the US from his list because of Trump. “I would prefer to give my daughter to grooms from any other place like Singapore, Australia – anywhere other than the US,” said Reddy, who has been groom-hunting since 2015.

Ditto with Purnachandra Rao, from Hyderabad, who has a 22-year-old daughter. The lure of the Non-Resident Indian groom in the US is over, he said. “NRIs in USA don’t have job security now,” said Rao. “After marriage they won’t be able to take my daughter along with them because of the rules laid down by Trump. So what is the point in getting married to a groom working there?”

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In the US, eligible young Indian men are putting on a brave face.

Chalapathi Rao, 30, who has been employed with the US government’s Health Department for the past five years, has been searching for a “well-educated bride” for the past six months. Although there was initial interest, the responses have dwindled.

However, Rao said that he is not worried. “I have a Greencard and work permit and I am employed with the US government,” he said. “So there is no problem for me with regard to working in the US. My job is secure and there is no need to worry.”

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Remember Trump’s words “Media is skewed, and does not provide correct information to public !”.

Media’s job is to sensationize things to make money for its owner. People will be disappointed if they regard media as anything more. Many times, media is worse than merely profit seeking due to political ties.

Indian media is criticizing Trump more than American media, possibly due to the uncertainty Trump has created for outsourcing and H1B. Even if Trump has threatened China’s trade, Chinese media seems less harsh than Indian media.

Still Mexian media might greatly beat Indian media in terms of disliking Trump


I suppose they could start marrying for love.


Have you been to El Camino Real in Sunnyvale on the weekend?
The number of Koreans strolling on El Camino Real seem to out number of Indian bachelors…

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I miss that part of Korea town.