Insurance company is dragging its feet

Hey. We had an issue on our property which damaged the neighbor’s property. The insurance company received quotes and did their inspection in November and is dragging its feet on cutting them a check. These guys are at their wits end, and I need to know what to do to get this closed out because although the issue from our property is resolved, it set up a situation that is causing ongoing and progressing damage to their house/foundation.

Any advice?

Although I personally never done it before, I’ve heard success with complaining to the state insurance commissioner along with writing to your Senator and Representative. I’ll let the rep know that you’re planning to file a formal complaint. Hopefully the threat of action and shame will compel the insurance company to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Thanks. Wasn’t aware of this.

Is telling them that the neighbors are going to hire a lawyer likely to do much?

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I agree about contacting the State Insurance Commission. I don’t know if I’d immediately go to a senator, etc. until I’ve used the SIC.