Interesting Section 8 Ruling


Lol, you really need to go take some math classes. It just makes you look bad.


I think what @buyinghouse meant is “left money on the table” or “did not sell for full potential”.

Going back to section-8. As you posted above, the fact that they pay per bedroom and with limited regard for the quality of neighborhood, meant that they underpaid in good neighborhoods and overpaid in bad neighborhoods.

The Housing Authority of Santa Cruz just (April 2nd) posted updated payment standards. They have now 3 different numbers for these 3 regions:
“South County” which comprises of 3 zip codes and is basically “Watsonville”
“San Lorenzo Valley” (Felton, Boulder Creek, etc)

They used to pay $1931 for a 2-BR anywhere. Now it’s $2063 in Watsonville, $2103 in SLV and $2161 in the remainder. I think that’s a good improvement.


Thanks Ptiemann, you really know how to read and understand the topics.

Not like some individuals bent on making themselves the “know it all”.